The Ashes – Second Test, Day 2: Shaun’s Big Day Out

England may be trying to huff and puff but the Australian house has not blown down – in fact it remains rock solid thanks to the patient innings of Shaun Marsh and support of the middle to lower order. John Butler makes some astute observations about conditions and attitudes.

PB’s Rant: Lawyers and TV – the lunatics are running (ruining?) my asylum

Peter Baulderstone fires both barrels at video decision making infecting golf, cricket, footy – and society by extension. Crap decisions over the weekend and three days off the grog and sugar can make a man cranky.

India v Australia – Pune Test: What we learnt from Pune

Seven things Pete has taken away from the First Test in Pune including India’s horrible use of the DRS.

Cricket: saddled with inefficiencies

Pete Zitterschlager has had a gutful of cricket’s inefficiencies and wastefulness. He’s here to change that.

Australia v New Zealand – Adelaide Test: The New is Old is New again

New, old, new, new, old, old, new, new, old, new, new, old and new. Sharp observations from Joseph Ryan who visited Adelaide for the Test.

Australia v New Zealand – Adelaide Test Day 2: Fritzy’s honoured

Citrus Bob and his wallet attended both Eric Freeman’s book launch and day two of the test.

Kayne Calls for DRS at the Grammys

Imagine if Awards ceremonies allowed DRS. Peter Zitterschlager pictures Kanye West taking issue with Beck at this year’s Grammy Awards recently and plays third umpire on the referral. [Harsh, but fair. – Ed]

Compliments of the Season – the Christmas Issue

Greetings of the season to all, Welcome to the bumper Christmas issue to guide you through the silly season and some pontification on the events of past year.  At this time last year the test series was all over, the Ashes safe and just the tidying up of proceedings to go.  We are effectively at [Read more]

Adelaide Test, Australia v India, Day Five : Rulebook’s (W)rap

Malcolm Rulebook Ashwood wraps up yet another exhilarating conclusion to an Adelaide Test match.

Finding a positive in the DRS: Remove the policy of neutral umpires

In the spirit of ‘when life gives you lemons, make lemonade’ there is a positive to take out of the DRS farce that is engulfing the Ashes. We can only hope that this brings to an end the policy that the ICC has of allocating neutral umpires for Test matches.

The DRS of Life

Vin Maskell wonders if life can ever be like sport.

The View from Shepparton: Don’t moan Clarke, you were out

The Review System did work, don’t moan about Haddin or Clarke, they were out.

Player Review System a farce

Cricket has been played for a long time and it seemed perfectly fine for over a hundred years to take the good with the bad in terms of umpiring decisions, says Rob Stewart.