Almanac Music: The greatest guitar solo never in a movie

Alex Darling contends that ‘across modern cinema – and in particular the nineties – guitar solo soundtracks have made film scenes iconic’. He sets out, with considerable success, to demonstrate his point.

Round 4 – GWS v Collingwood: Empathy for the Magpie

After witnessing Jeremy Howe’s horror knee injury on Friday night, Alex Darling felt a heavy layer of empathy. His time spent unemployed during the coronavirus pandemic meant he slid a little bit closer to understanding the gruelling months that lay ahead of Howe.

Finding direction in a 52-year-old photo

Alex Darling reflects on a pivotal moment in sporting, and social history, the stand against racial inequality at the 1968 Olympics that included Australian Peter Norman.

Errors: Significant, but often forgotten by history

Many of us have turned to the past to fill the footy void – Alex Darling has been looking back on classic matches with a keener eye than before and discovered a veritable forest amongst the trees. Those trees are the individual moments of brilliance we reduce so many memorable games to.

Almanac Music: Songs of the Wimmera

Alex Darling is looking to put together a list of songs about/artists from the Wimmera region. Can anyone help him out? All suggestions welcome.

Almanac Music: Classic Rock’s most underrated lead guitarists

The beauty of great rock guitarists is they manage to leave an indelible, unique mark on the genre despite having the same six strings and the same twenty-odd frets as every other player to work with. Alex Darling discusses some of his favourite guitar players.

Almanac Soccer: Bolt! Trailblazer for the Central Coast?

Usain Bolt becomes a “coastie” tomorrow as he takes his first steps on the road to his professional football career.

Almanac Music – The growing maturity of Australian Rock

Oz guitar bands aren’t dead, they’re just adapting. Alex Darling connects a lot of dots in this perceptive overview of Australian guitar bands old and new.

The rhyme of the modern Mariner

Alex Darling with a rousing sea shanty of the Gosford waterfront. (“It is a modern Mariner; And he stoppeth regu’ly…”)

AFL looks to run junior and senior competitions on the NSW Central Coast and Hunter

Looks like Australian Football on the Hunter Coast is at a crucial point. Alex Darling looks at the options to the League.

The friendly ghosts of East Gosford

Alex Darling returns to footy in Gosford and finds some enjoyment amidst the fog on his first night with the Terrigal Avoca Panthers

Round 7 – St Kilda v Greater Western Sydney: A Lesson in Perspective

Of course, he still cares whether or not the Saints have a win. But Alex Darling explains how recent events at Fairfax Media put footy very much into perspective.

The Day I Earned My Place in the Dream Team

Alex Darling remembers the day for Hampton Rovers U10s when he finally felt that he belonged.

Almanac Poetry: Do it for them

A player’s lament, for the team and supporter: just do it!

On Eddie McGuire, and who we should be listening to instead

Alex Darling considers what is really to be taken from the storm around Eddie McGuire’s comments. [Interesting discussion – Ed]

Round 9 – Hawthorn v Sydney: Life takes precedence over footy

Alex Darling perfectly surmises this week’s sincere responses to issues previously undiscussed: “the AFL community has grown up.”

Of Tiger lovers and Taiko drummers

Alex Darling explores Taiko drumming and the tribal connection with Richmond FC.

Saints fans rejoice! Our boys are home again

Alex Darling sees a bright future amidst Melbourne’s clouds as the Saints return to Moorabbin

The Essendon in all of us

Alex Darling with his take on the Essendon supplements saga. If you were told to jump, would you ask ‘how high’?

Adelaide Oval: The new home of Football?

For Alex Darling Adelaide Oval’s success as an AFL venue has been immediate and isn’t entirely unexpected.