AFL Round 6 – Carlton v West Coast: My grapes are sour, yes, but the Eagles was robbed!

Butterflies, wings, hurricanes… Mark Simms analyses some last quarter decisions that did not help the Eagles.

Let the umpires off their philosophical hook!

Once I smugly looked down on Rugby Union. Its penalties seemed to contribute far too much to the final score and, worse than that, they seemed trivial and opaque. Fans apparently waited with bated breath and accepted the direction of the referee’s pointing arm with the best good humour they could muster, and then mutter [Read more]

Outrageous fortune on the half forward flank

There are rules and there are rules. Some are straight forward, like the drive on the left rule. Some make a lot of plain sense, like the wear a seat belt rule. And some, like the holding the ball rule, in Australian rules football are incorrigibly self-conflicted and yet almost profound in their gallant striving [Read more]

Feeling returns to the WAFL

The WAFL briefly flared back to rude health on Monday, as the traditional Foundational Day Derbies were reborn as WA Day Derbies. At Joondalup Arena, in the far northern reaches of Perth, a healthy crowd of 5000 or so people watched East Perth and West Perth fight out a draw after West Perth had led [Read more]