Why Spectators Should Suck it Up, and Move On

Sarah Black has some advice for ‘fans’ and players who believe it’s appropriate to offer 15 year-old umpires a pair of glasses while they’re trying to adjudicate a netball game. [And the stats may just make your head spin. – Ed]

Commonwealth Games 2018 – Netball: Catching up with Lisa Alexander

Lisa Alexander is coach of the Diamonds. Martin Flanagan penned this profile piece (first published in The Age).

Not “Over the Hill” Yet

Jo Hill has been a champion of netball for a long time, competing in the Olympics and World Championships and playing all over the world. And there’s just no stopping her.

Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life: Flying high

Collingwood had a big win over the weekend and Cam Hooke is getting excited about their prospects for 2017. The VFL season kicks off this weekend and the Magpies are in the top of the Super Netball. A good time to be a Pies supporter.

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Priorities of the Jarryd’s – A few observations from afar

Tony Robb provides some thoughts on the AFL’s venture into netball and a few other things along the way.

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Just How Good are the AFL and Netball Communities?

Parsimony is proud of the AFL and Netball communities in Bacchus Marsh, due to something special that is happening on this Sunday (28th June). You can help raise the funds which wil help Sienna walk (whether you are in Bacchus Marsh or not).

Next They’ll Be Telling Us That NSW Are Going To Win Origin

The ANZ Netball championship have just released their All Star team and Archie isn’t impressed.

Confessions of a Klutz

Everyone has something to ‘fess up to. Emma Westwood decides now is the right time, before this Almanac thing gets messy.

Familiarity, New Courts and Gravel

Despite the familiarity of the courts at McDermott Avenue, Mooroolbark, after thirteen years of picking gravel out of her hands Sarah Black is looking forward to playing at the new netball facility at Pinks Reserve, Kilsyth.

Mission 2015: how to beat Dial-a-Houdini netball?

Hawthorn. Flinders St station. Houdini. Pizza delivery. Netball. Nathan Buckley. Join the dots with David Wilson as he prepares for 2015.

Getting on with it: in praise of netball

Rick Kane has come to understand and appreciate the game of netball, especially since the Moomba Park Under 15s premiership victory.

Crio’s Question: New sporting interests

Who has taken the Road to Damascus thanks to outside intervention and now has a new sporting interest?

Northern Areas Football Association Grand Final

More than 6,700 fans watched the Northern Areas footy and netball finals at Jamestown in South Australia. James Lang was there.