(Covid) Training for Two

Old Dog has been busy – he’s turned his formidable experience on footy grounds to a guide for training when coronavirus has got you down or even just distanced. All you need is a footy and a mate. [A variation of ‘three-drop’ has always been one of my faves too – Ed.]

The friendly ghosts of East Gosford

Alex Darling returns to footy in Gosford and finds some enjoyment amidst the fog on his first night with the Terrigal Avoca Panthers

Round 11 – North Melbourne v Richmond: Witches’ Hats

Smokie suggests North’s game against Richmond was nothing more than a training drill and wonders why Richmond didn’t turn up to play.

An Initiative that Has Everyone Happy with the Umpires

In one of the AFL’s great unsung initiatives, the Fiona McBurney Match Day Experience allows a child with Down syndrome to be the assistant for the umpires – or, as Bradley’s daughter Isabel calls them, “the quiet team.”

Musings on an audience with Haiku Bob at Pies training

Haiku Bob and Steve Fahey were amongst a few hundred who watched the Pies train on a perfect morning.


  I drove down one of the goat’s tracks behind town yesterday, towards home, stopping off at the footy oval, where it all smoothes out into thin, second-hand bitumen roads. The grass was long, everything grey drizzle, rolling hills and mountains that disappeared into low, shifting clouds. My feet weren’t itching at all. It all [Read more]

Thriving on pain

They. Are. Freaks! Most all of them! I only started watching because of sleep problems. In the midnight, in the bush. And then I was interested, and then I was hooked. The cyclists of the Tour de France rolled and whirled across and up my telly every night. They pushed through pain, they went past [Read more]