Almanac Footy Writing: Continuing the umpiring debate…

Nothing in the AFL is as contentious as the decisions made by the men in green. Stainless jumps into the umpiring debate.

Don’t Quit the Under 16s: An open letter to Webby

Michael Nichols makes an impassioned plea to a talented youngster to keep playing the game. There’s too much at stake to walk away early.

Why Spectators Should Suck it Up, and Move On

Sarah Black has some advice for ‘fans’ and players who believe it’s appropriate to offer 15 year-old umpires a pair of glasses while they’re trying to adjudicate a netball game. [And the stats may just make your head spin. – Ed]

Preseason musings in the Merks

It briefly enters the public consciousness after an incident of great notice, but Phil Hill has been mulling over general rule changes in sports, with a few examples. [Could throw rugby league into the mix after recent events – Ed.]

Round 2 – Hits and Misses

After a big weekend of footy, Tom Riordan reviews Round 2 and what the results mean for the teams.

Another First for Women in AFL

This piece was originally published in 2013. Anne Cahill Lambert tells us about the achievements of her niece and other women in winning coaching positions in senior men’s clubs in the major State Leagues (VFL, WAFL and NEAFL). Apparently one of the problems with women footballers is that they talk a lot. They are welcome at Almanac lunches at any time.

Home bias in AFL umpiring: the 10 year tables

Dave Warner of the suburbs has completed his opus: the last 10 years of AFL free kick counts examined and analysed. Do umpires always favour the home team? How do Victorian teams fare when playing at home against non-Victorian teams? Trends, biases… all is revealed.

Almanac Laws of the Game: the best rule in the book

What’s the most obscure rule you’ve seen an umpire use? The weirdest thing on a footy field? Dave Brown has a couple of favourites

Confessions of a Maggot (Part 3)

Rulebook addresses the challenge of Tom Martin, with this podium-finishing piece of name-dropping excellence. From a life of umpiring footy.

Almanac Lunch – Friday 29th July with Bill Deller and Murray Bird

Join Percy and the Almanackers for lunch with umpires Bill Deller and Murray Bird this Friday. Read on for full details.

Almanac Umpiring: A Tough Gig

Matt Zurbo loves it when umpires come across as real and genuine. [And he’s inviting them to pop in for a beer – Ed]

Get Out of the Umpire’s Way

Phil Hill, cricket umpire, has an idea to improve footy umpiring.

Round 18 – Hawthorn v Richmond: Three out of four ain’t bad

Tigers supporter Sarah Black watched her Tigers have a great win and four quarter performance against the Hawks on Friday night and when umpiring Netball on Saturday resolved to be like Bachar Houli.

The Precarious State of our Nation’s Great Game

Siobhan Calafiore provides her perspective on where the game is at and why.

Being Ruled By The Rules

Liam Quin offers more common sense about AFL umpiring and rules adjudication, than will be heard in a year of Rules Committee deliberations or a month of talkback radio.

Bounce of the ball. Straight up as a die. It’s a skill under-appreciated. It’s a wonder we don’t sigh

‘Mongrel dog from the bush’ shares some insights into what goes through an umpire’s mind.

AFL Round 15 – Collingwood v Carlton: Frozen

Jeff Dowsing may be “Frozen” at the MCG on Sunday 7pm game, but his Pies weren’t. At least the cockles were warmed by the nights events, even if his fingers were ice.

Something Stirs in the East

Nick Gibson with an uncommon description of pre-match at VFL Park.

Out or Not Out

Is it physiologically possible for an umpire to give the correct decision? In a large number of cases, Phil Hill suggests not.

He who can, plays; he who cannot, umpires

Who’d be an umpire? Peter Fuller explains how he fell into the role and what drives an otherwise sane man to consider saddling up for another year after 500 games.