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The Man In White: Country Connections takes the reader into the world of umpiring beyond ‘the big league’ (the VFL and then the AFL). It covers a range of related aspects in far more detail than previously published and will bring back many fond memories for those who have umpired in the country and for their families.


Specifically, this book provides insights into the eras of country umpiring over a period of eighty years from 1909, the Leagues in which they officiated, the umpires themselves, the travails of travel, the friendly and generous people in the bush, the recollections and anecdotes of many of the umpires and the pivotal role of the Association throughout this period.


It covers a unique period in the history of the Association and Australian football which will never be repeated – we shall never pass this way again – and this publication ensures that this part of our history is preserved for all time.


For those who took part in the journey, this book is a nostalgic trip down memory lane, and for all readers it provides some interesting insights into a central element of our history over a period of eighty years during the twentieth century.



  1. Pamela Sherpa says

    Will really look forward to reading this Graeme. Some of the funniest footy tales I’ve heard involve umpires. Recently my sister was on a community bus and out of the blue a 90 yr old man started talking about a country grand final he umpired in 1954 . My sister replied , that our father had coached/played in that final . The umpire was thrilled to bits to meet a relative of someone he had umpired all that time ago. We have another funny family story about a cousin umpiring and bouncing the ball on another cousin’s head because he wasn’t very happy with him. Where can the book be purchased?

  2. Graeme Patterson says

    Response to Pamela Sherpa:
    Dear Pamela,
    The book can be purchased from the AFL Umpires’ Association – tel. 9348 1611. Give them a call tomorrow (11 June). Cost is $20.00 per copy plus packing and postage. Alternatively, it can be collected at the AFLUA offices – 1/156 Bouverie Street, Carlton.
    Thank you for your interest. Any umpiring anecdotes would be greatly appreciated.
    Kind regards,
    Graeme Patterson.

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