Almanac Footy History – The Crapp Chronicles Part 2: Three Cheers for Crapp’s first year

Tim Ghys continues his series on the career of Henry ‘Ivo’ Crapp as Crapp takes his first steps in what was to become a long career in umpiring.

Almanac Footy History: The Crapp Chronicles – Origins of Henry ‘Ivo’ Crapp

Tim Ghys provides some background information about Henry ‘Ivo’ Crapp as part of the Crapp Chronicles.

Almanac Footy History – The Crapp Chronicles: Henry ‘Ivo’ Crapp

This is the first installment of ‘The Crapp Chronicles’ where writer and podcaster Tim Ghys uncovers the life and times of legendary footy umpire Henry ‘Ivo’ Crapp.

Footy Poetry: The new season

The footy season ahead considered in rhyme, we’ll soon find out in a matter of time! Kickittotim bounces the ball.