Almanac Footy History – The Crapp Chronicles Part 10: A Crapp Forgery?

Some people will resort to all sorts of tricks for their team to win a match. This episode of the Crapp Chronicles relates the combination of a forgery, an umpire, and a WAFL final in 1906.

Almanac Footy History – The Crapp Chronicles Part 7: A Crapp Excuse

At the turn of the last century, VFL representative sides played exhibition games against regional powerhouse Ballarat. Ivo Crapp was slated to umpire, but he came to miss the match in contested circumstances. Tim Ghys shares a few theories of the day.

Almanac Footy History: The Crapp Chronicles Part 5: Crapp and the Telegram!

Crapp’s Chronicles continue with a brave young lad and a potential passing of the umpiring flame to our protagonist in 1899.

Almanac Footy History – The Crapp Chronicles: Henry ‘Ivo’ Crapp

This is the first installment of ‘The Crapp Chronicles’ where writer and podcaster Tim Ghys uncovers the life and times of legendary footy umpire Henry ‘Ivo’ Crapp.