Almanac (Footy) History: The Legend of Des Ley -1970s Superboot

Long before it became fashionable, Des Ley tried out as a punter for the New England Patriots. Mike Sexton sat down with him to learn of his American odyssey – and much more besides.

Almanac NFL: The 2023 Rodney Peete Cup – Week Fifteen

Earl O’Neill updates readers on the latest happenings in the NFL during Week 15, especially the Detroit Lions.

Almanac NFL – The 2023 Tim Boyle Cup: Week Thirteen

This week Earl O’Neill runs his eye over the roles of referees and coaches in the NFL. Complex? Yep! Confusing? Check! Sound familiar? Too right!

Almanac NFL – The 2023 Dan Orlovsky Cup: Week 12

If you want to compare football codes, at least do it from an informed perspective. Earl O’Neill exposes the ‘idiotic complaints against American football’.

Almanac NFL – The 2023 Scott Mitchell Cup: Week Eleven

In this week’s look at the NFL, Earl O’Neill takes a look at quarterbacks, the big money men of the game. But are they worth the huge salaries they attract?

Almanac NFL: The 2023 Jim Caldwell Cup – Week Ten

The glory days of the New England Patriots are a distant memory. Earl O’Neill explains what has gone wrong – and what might be next for the Pats.

Almanac NFL: The 2023 Lomas Brown Cup – Week Nine

We are now nine weeks into the NFL season. Earl O’Neill details his highlights from the weekend.

Almanac NFL: The 2023 Rod Marinelli Cup – Week Eight

Round 8 of the NFL season finds Earl O’Neill casting a critical eye over the Raiders

Almanac NFL – The 2023 Bobby Layne Cup: Week Seven

Earl O’Neill continues his coverage of the NFL. Today he explains his allegiance to the Detroit Lions. It’s not an easy gig!

Almanac NFL: The Joey Harrington Cup 2023 – Week 6

Earl O’Neill presents his thoughts on the progress of some of the new quarterback acquisitions and movements in the NFL.

Almanac NFL – The 2023 Dutch Clark Cup: Week Five

It’s just over a month into the NFL season. Earl thinks he’s got his finger on the pulse as he surveys the prospects of various teams.

Almanac NFL – The 2023 Lem Barney Cup: Week 4

How do you create an NFL franchise? Combine big bucks and a cluey brainstrust with a good quarterback and you’re well on the way. Earl O’Neill combs the record books to demonstrate how it works – or doesn’t, in some cases.

Almanac NFL – The Barry Sanders Cup: NFL Week Three

There’s no holding Earl back when it comes to his analysis of the early stages of this season’s American football landscape. Tell it like it is, Earl!

Almanac NFL: Julian Edelman – the perfect big game player

Originally considered too short, frequently injured, Julian Edelman turned himself into a versatile match winner for the New England Patriots. As Edelman announces his retirement, Sean Mortell recounts a storied career.

The perfect storm – a history of the enigmatic Cam Newton

Sean Mortell examines the career of enigmatic NFL star Cam Newton.

Monaros 2020 – a vision triumphant

Earl goes back through NFL records and videos to find a way for his Monaros to triumph in 2020. It’s a bit left field, but it just might work!

The tuck rule, a fight against all odds and iron-willed determination – the unlikely makings of Tom Brady and the New England dynasty

It might look as if Tom Brady had an easy run to NFL success but the back story tells a different tale. Sean Mortell gives us the full details of Brady’s determined rise to fame and fortune.

Super Bowl LIV – Mahomes seizes the moment in a see-sawing contest we’ll never forget.

What a Superbowl for the ages! Backs to the wall, the weight of history and expectations dragging them down, Kansas City Chiefs broke a multi-generational drought to best San Francisco 49ers with an amazing come from behind effort. Sean Mortell has all the details.

NFL Wildcard Sunday – Two wins that shook the playoffs

In the early days of a new year some new sides are making a push towards Superbowl glory in the NFL – Sean Mortell takes us into the tension of Wildcard Sunday, where four teams entered and only two left.

Super Bowl LIII: Pat-ernal dominance for fathers Belichick and Brady

It was low-scoring but the Patriots did what they do best writes Sean Mortell.