Book Review – Merger: The Fitzroy Lions and the tragedy of 1996 by William Westerman

Craig Horne reviews William Westerman’s book, Merger: The Fitzroy Lions and the tragedy of 1996.

Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life: Round 8 review, Round 9 preview

Cam Hooke gives the Collingwood Life perspective on the victory over North Melbourne, then he looks to the Pies’ prospects against Sydney.

Round 9 – AFL fixture 2021: Details for matches this round

Round 9 match details of who, where, and when your favourite team is playing.

Almanac Poetry: ‘Fake Bacon’ – Tommy Mallet

The bush workers are famished, the cupboard is bare, the drink is talking as frustrations take over, and a dusty moth is oblivious to it all. Check out Tommy Mallet’s poem, ‘Fake Bacon’. [Warning: adult themes – Ed.]

Ice Hockey 1.01: Unique customs (Part 1)

In the first part of a mini-series, Deakin’s James Wright continues his ‘Hockey 1.01’ journey with a delve into some of the quirks and oddities you can see in the premier ice hockey competition, the NHL.

Almanac/Odd Friday Lunch: Guest speaker – Ashley Browne: footy scribe

Respected footy journo Ashley Browne will be guest speaker at The Odd Friday/Footy Almanac lunch on 21 May at the North Fitzroy Arms where he will talk about his new book AFL 2020: A Season Like No Other.

Almanac/Odd Friday Lunch: Andrew Stafford – Back On (Today!)

This lunch is BACK ON.
Andrew Stafford, music writer, footy writer, and lover of birds is the guest speaker at the next Footy Almanac/Odd Friday Lunch on Friday 7 May 2021. Details in this post.

‘Ya gotta have luck…’ by KB Hill

KB Hill traces the contrasting premiership success rates of several great players in the Ovens & Murray and Ovens & King Leagues.

Almanac Books: ‘Merger’ book launch

William Westerman’s book, ‘Merger’, will be launched at the North Fitzroy Arms Hotel on June 2nd. Details here.

Round 8 – AFL 2021 Footy Fixture: Who is your team playing this week?

Need to know who your team plays in Round 8? All the details are here.

Almanac Poetry: ‘The German’ – Tommy Mallet

The bush is home for many people, a place to get away from it all, while for some, it’s a place to hide away from society like ‘The German’ in Tommy Mallet’s poem.

Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life: Round 7 review, Round 8 preview

It’s becoming an all too familiar refrain for Pies fans – lack of application and execution resulted in yet another loss. Cam Hooke’s hurting too, but he has some ideas for the Kangaroos game.

Balcony Banter Bonanza: No matching the MCG!

The sheer pleasure of being back at the footy at the MCG has dominated recent posts on the MCC Members blog ‘Balcony Banter’. Teenage GWS fan Nicholas Quinlan and Demons historian Lynda Carroll add their thoughts after their recent experiences.

Almanac Books: The Furphy Anthology 2020

Taken from the cream of entries into last year’s Furphy Literary Award, The Furphy Anthology 2020 contains sixteen of the best stories on the topic of ‘Australian Life’.

The Furphy Literary Award 2021

Just a friendly reminder that entries for the Furphy Literary Award for 2021 close on April 30. More details in this post.

‘Derby Day Looms……’ by KB Hill

KB Hill traces the history of the local Wangaratta ‘derby’, Wangaratta Rovers v Wangaratta Magpies.

Round 7 – AFL 2021 Footy Fixture: Playing details for your team

Find out who, where, and when your favourite team is playing for Round 7.

Almanac Poetry: ‘Wine Belly’ – Tommy Mallet

‘Wine Belly’ is Tommy Mallet’s poem telling of the drunken peril staggering home late on a cold, still night, a time when the mind comes out to play.

Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life: Round 6 review, Round 7 preview

Cam Hooke is in uncharted territory, reporting on a fourth successive Collingwood loss. But like Bucks, he’s not giving up on 2021.

Almanac Footy History: South’s shining star – the story of Bruce Sloss

Bruce Sloss is a name not many VFL/AFL supporters would know, but a century ago he was a star of the game. In this brilliantly researched piece, Roger Spaull tells the glorious and tragic tale of footballer-soldier Lieutenant Sloss.