The All-Rounder, the Import, and the Coach who stayed – KB Hill

KB Hill goes back a hundred years and more to bring us stories about the talented, the ‘colourful’ and the committed. The Wangaratta Football Club certainly went through some interesting times back then.

Almanac (Footy) Poetry: There was a Game

The Footy Almanac presents a further offering from Saskia Schaap as she ponders questions about our great game and their ramifications.

Almanac (Footy) Memoir: Statute of Limitations

Roger Lowrey has been sitting on a secret for a while. [Very entertaining debut piece! Ed]

Melbourne Comedy Festival – “The Merger” by Damian Callinan

Comedian Damian Callinan is offering the Almanac Community a special deal of 2 tickets for the price of 1 to his show, “The Merger” at The Melbourne Comedy Festival 2019.

Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life – AFL Rounds 4 and 5 wrap

Cam Hooke reviews the Round 4 match against the Bulldogs with his usual analysis of all the stats and key details from the match for all the True Believers.

Almanac (Footy) History: How do I connect with Rod McGregor?

Adam Haase reveals his intriguing connection to Rod McGregor, Carlton footballer, who is considered one of the greats of the club during the early 20th Century.

Almanac (Footy) Poetry: The Rhythm That Never Ends

Saskia Schaap has written some more words on footy, this time her poem takes on the circular rhythm of footy’s universe from the smallest handball to the biggest scandal: ever the same – as it always was.

“Not Bad Thanks” – Graeme Willingham: extract no. 3, Playing above oneself

Exceptionalism, or playing above oneself? Graeme Willingham defines his thoughts on both in this extract from his new book, “Not Bad Thanks”.

Almanac (Footy) Poetry: In My Blood

Football and family go hand in hand as Saskia Schaap shows in this fine poem about her own family. But football is not the most important thing that runs in her family, as you will find out.

‘The wiry, tough and talented Neville Pollard….’ by KB Hill

‘There’s always conjecture about whether this bloke or that would have played League footy. Sometimes it boils down to being at the right club at the right time. But I think Neville would have given it a really good shot.’ KB Hill favours us with the story of ‘the wiry, tough and talented Neville Pollard.

Alamanac Event: “More of the Kangaroo” book launch is timely

Do we call it the Lachie Neale Effect? If so, how do we account for the Suns? However you attribute it, Queensland footy has enjoyed its most promising start to an AFL season in many years. Which makes this Almanac event most timely.

Round 3 2009 – North Melbourne v Hawthorn: The Joy of Betting Against Your Own Team

Ten years ago in Round 3, 2009 North Melbourne and Hawthorn clashed as they did Round 3, 2019. This reprised game report by Tim Ivins highlights the crushing defeat the Roos suffered at the hands of the Hawks.

Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life – Round 3 wrap, Round 4 view

Cam Hooke presents his weekly harvest of links, views and news on the efforts of his Collingwood Football Club.

VAFA Premier B, Round 2 – Fitzroy Football Club: Lunch, Flags and Game

Fitzroy Football Club unfurl two premiership flags this Saturday at the Brunswick Oval. Join them for lunch, celebrate the flags then watch the Roy Boys take on Uni Blacks for the first time in their modern history.

“Not Bad Thanks” by Graeme Willingham: So, who is Graeme Willingham?

The Footy Almanac has featured extracts from Graeme Willingham’s new book, “Not Bad Thanks” over the past week or so, but little have we heard about the author himself and his background. All is revealed above.

Round 4 – Who will win?: Heads or tails?

Round 4 of the AFL season has some cracking games this week. Tipsters will require a coin for selections this week!

AFLW Trade Period 2019

Before the enormous off-season starts and state level footy kicks off, the AFLW still has the not-so-small matter of trades to deal with…who will turn out for a new club in 2020?

Fitzroy Football Club Women in Footy Lunch – Saturday 6 April

The Almanac’s own Kasey Symons will be hosting this lunch tomorrow at the Brunswick Street Oval.

Balcony Banter Round 2 – Hawthorn v Western Bulldogs: Thank God I’m a Country Boy

A journey to the ‘G has its own compensations for Grant Fraser, whatever the result of the game.

“Not Bad Thanks” – Graeme Willingham: extract No. 2, Tribunals!

Some members of the Not Bad Thanks basketball team had problems with the rules and regulations of the game. This extract from Graeme Willingham’s book “Not Bad Thanks” details some of these problems and their subsequent consequences.