‘The Horseman……..’ by KB Hill

Peter McIntyre played in the Adelaide Crows’ very first match back in 1991. Footy and life have taken him in various directions ever since. KB Hill tells the tale of Peter’s perambulations.

The Tent Hill Tennis Club

A beauty from Glen Natalier; memories of tennis in the Lockyer Valley [One of the kids in the photograph c1948 is Cecil Logan, my (late) uncle. He was as big a character as Uncle Stan. Glen Natalier, is a former teaching colleague of mine – he grew up on the farm just up the road from my grandparents’ spud and watermelon farm. You haven’t played tennis until you’ve played on antbed – JTH]

AFLW – Jess Wuetschner survives lightning strike

Some things you can never plan for. Brisbane Lions AFLW player Jess Wuetschner has had a very fortunate escape.

Balcony Banter – John Cain: A man for all women

Anne Cahill Lambert pays tribute to former Premier John Cain acknowledging his role in providing the opportunity for women to become members of the Melbourne Cricket Club.

Almanac Horseracing – Vote for Super Seth in the All-Star Mile

Super Seth, co-owned by ‘Smokie’ Dawson, won the Caulfield Guineas during the Spring Carnival. Now you can help secure him a place in The All-Star Mile in March by adding your vote for its inclusion in the final field.

‘Robbie Reminisces………’ by KB Hill

Rob Worthington has given a great deal to Victorian country cricket over the decades. KB Hill profiles another local legend.

Almanac Contemplation: Anson Cameron’s latest (from the Fairfax press)

Anson Cameron returns to Shepp and environs.

Almanac Life – 6,000,000th viewer coming up!

Today, someone will click onto the Footy Almanac website to bring up the 6,000,000th view of the site since its inception. Will you be that person?

Almanac Cricket – Australia v New Zealand: Third Test Blog

Here’s an opportunity for you to share your observations and thoughts on play as the game unfolds through our Third Test blog. What catches your eye? Will we be bowled over by a NZ resurgence? Or will the Kiwis be stumped by the Aussies yet again? Tell us all about it.

Almanac Cricket – Australia v New Zealand: the Third Test – a call for writers

The Third Test between Australia and New Zealand starts tomorrow at the SCG. We’re looking for aspiring cricket correspondents to provide us with daily coverage of the match. Here’s your opportunity to get your name up on the big Almanac screen!

‘Farewell to a Pair of Star Defenders…..’ by KB Hill

In another of his great stories about local sports identities, KB Hill traces the careers of Bernie Killeen and Bob Atkinson, both of whom sadly passed away in recent weeks.

Australia v New Zealand: Second Test blog

The Boxing Day Test is upon us. Discussion of pitch, bouncers, and weather predominates. But what do the followers of the Almanac make of affairs?

The Tigers Almanac 2019 Launch at the North Fitzroy Arms Hotel

Some fabulous photos of Almanackers at the launch of The Tigers Almanac 2019.

‘When did you fall in love with footy?’ – Alastair Clarkson’s speech at the Peter Crimmins Medal presentation

Courtesy of Tony Wilson’s ‘Speakola’ website, The Almanac presents Alistair Clarkson’s speech ‘When did you fall in love with footy?’ given at the Peter Crimmins Medal presentation in October.

Almanac Art: Kate Birrell’s original artwork for The Tigers Almanac 2019 is up for auction

Kate Birrell’s original artwork for The Tigers Almanac 2019 is up for auction. Bids close on Friday 20 December.

A Lifetime Passion For Motor Sport – by KB Hill

It sounds as if Jeff Whitten has oil running through his veins! KB Hill traces the motor-racing adventures of the Whitten of Wangaratta.

Almanac Cricket – Australia v New Zealand: First Test – The Perth Blog

The First Test against New Zealand in Perth gets underway later today. Time for a new blog to allow you to keep us up to date with your take on the flow of the game.

‘Enigmatic Carey, a star of the Depression era…’ by KB Hill

Bert Carey was a mercurial sportsman from up Wangaratta way in the Depression era, performing extraordinary feats on the footy and cricket fields. KB Hill tells the tale.

The Odd Friday Lunch (Dec 13): With special guest Simon Madden

Great to have Simon Madden as our guest at the next Odd Friday/Almanac Lunch. Book now.

“Talking Sideways” – by Reg Dodd & Malcolm McKinnon

“Talking Sideways”, a new book by Reg Dodd & Malcolm McKinnon is a story about Aboriginal life, of living and growing up around Finniss Springs in South Australia’s arid north.