Almanac (Local ) Cricket – Don’t Annoy Me About ‘Chuckers’

Phil Hill talks us through ‘visual summation’ and ‘the carry angle of the human arm’ as he seeks to solve the issue of so-called ‘chuckers’ out in the Merks.

Round 2 Preview – The Ball Tampering Issue

Sal’s back with all the footy, racing (and cricket) tips you need for this long weekend

Almanac (Cricket) Satire: ICC backflip in record time

With tongue firmly in cheek, Punxsutawney Pete considers the revolutionary proposal to give International cricket more context which the ICC have announced as unworkable.

How to win in India the “Hi-Tech” way

Cricketing tours of India are well known for oppressive conditions and terrible pitches. Not to worry though, Peter Zitterschlager has the solution.

Almanac Cricket – Test Team of the Year: Did the ICC get it right?

Twitter is angry but Dave Brown examines the numbers for the ICC Test Team of the Year

Almanac Cricket: Red cards and faces in cricket

What are cricket administrators doing? Neil Drysdale is bewildered by a discussion on the red card when there are far more pressing matters especially for emerging Test nations.

Almanac Cricket: ICC Conference – Have your say

The ICC Conference is to be held next week and Neil Drysdale needs your help, what are the key issues the ICC need to address?

Almanac Cricket: Player Spotlight – Ireland’s Captain William Porterfield

Neil Drysdale talks to Ireland cricket captain William Porterfield ahead of the upcoming ODI series in Dublin against Sri Lanka, and in wake of the ICC’s announcement of a possible two division Test league featuring extra teams such as the Irish.

Underdog – 1: Favourite – egg-on-face

Yvette loves a good come uppance. Read on and find out why.

Reducing Cricket World Cup Nations limits game development

Neil Drysdale questions the ICC decision in reducing the number of competing World Cup nations

Test Cricket’s Future

Scottish writer Neil Drysdale recently penned this piece on the future of Test cricket, and has kindly allowed it to be published here. He bemoans the lack of a truly great team in world cricket, and the 20/20 vision of the governing bodies.

Who’s a Minnow Now?

Qualifying for the 2019 Cricket World Cup just got interesting according to the Footy Bogan. Oh the irony!

Cricket: Killed by the ICC, with the dagger, in the cellar

Dips O’Donnell is picking up clues; sifting the evidence. Cricket is dead.

The Craig Simmons Conundrum and the Singapore Sling

John Butler remembers the Test Cricket heroics in South Africa, and dissects the Indian takeover of world cricket decision making.

Finding a positive in the DRS: Remove the policy of neutral umpires

In the spirit of ‘when life gives you lemons, make lemonade’ there is a positive to take out of the DRS farce that is engulfing the Ashes. We can only hope that this brings to an end the policy that the ICC has of allocating neutral umpires for Test matches.

Cricket Champions Trophy- England v Australia: George Bailey, we need you!

Has Mitchell Starc’s first ball of the summer – a half volley on leg stump – set the scene for the entire English summer? Luke Reynolds hopes not.