Almanac Cricket: Turning back the clock – a cameo return to local cricket

Sean Curtain turns back the clock with a cameo return to local cricket.

Quick quiz – Sean’s Choice (who do you love?)

Sean Curtain has devised a quiz where difficult choices are to be made. Will your selections be from the heart or from the head?

Reading sports books in the time of Cholera

Sean Curtain has been using this time to re-visit some classic old (and new) sportsbooks. Here he walks us through a section of his library.

The All Victorian One Test 11 – just in time for Boxing Day

From the 70 players who only played one Test for Australia, Sean Curtain names an All Victorian One Test Eleven.

Paul Keating, Mr Brightside and Bobby Ewing: For the true believers – Richmond 2017

Whatever your views on Paul Keating, the man did have some damm good lines. So, like his comment just after his unlikely election win against John Hewson, the Tigers win was one for the true believers, writes Sean Curtain, and the sweetest victory of all.

Previously on AFL: a quick summary of what’s happening just at the minute

2017 has been quite a close, controversial and fun season of AFL so far. Thankfully, Sean Curtain delivers dry humour to let us what is happening now in footy.

Quick quiz: 50 (+ 1) cricket questions to ponder during a drinks break

It’s Big Issues Time, Summer Edition, with thanks to Sean Curtain. Have a crack.

2016 Grand Final – Sydney v Western Bulldogs: Guilt, doubt and freebies: the view from the corporate seats.

Sean Curtain gives a really honest account (as he always does) of his feelings about the 2016 Grand Final. It’s a confession of sorts – or at least an admission. [Excellent piece – JTH]

Tigers still not gone!: Glass remains half full! (slightly chipped and full of Yarra water, but half full nonetheless)

Richmond supporters are unique, sailing in a sea of pessimism with a leaky boat they await the tide of change, Sean Curtain is no exception.

Glass half full time – why the Tiger season is still alive!

Sean Curtain finds the positives in Richmond’s season

The bumpy road to Round 1: A Tiger mate departs far too soon

In this tribute, Sean prepared for the 2016 Season to help a mate and fellow Richmond supporter. [Our thoughts for you and Graham’s family – Ed]

Overheard at Essendon Part 5: Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word (or, When are you going to pay for the gift!)

The (farewell) gift that, until yesterday at least, keeps on giving. Part 5 of Sean Curtain’s Tullamarine eavesdropping.

Overheard at Essendon – Part 4: The spreadsheet of truth (WADA, WADA, WADA)

Sean Curtain with another one of those overheard conversations at Essendon.

The Aussies: Fast, Brilliant, Creative, Daring and in the Final. (So why can’t I like them?)

Sean Curtain respects – but doesn’t like – the way the Australian cricket team go about their work on the field. Moreso after moments in Thursday evening’s Australia v India ICC World Cup semi-final.

The hoick, the dismissal or just taking part: What will he remember from our weekend of cricket?

This week’s episode of Boys and Balls stars Sean and Ben Curtain, exploring the fine line between the gaining and losing of your child’s respect.

Essendon and their Curiously Scheduled, Possibly Generous and Definitely Soft NAB Challenge Games

The Bombers have a very ‘interesting’ NAB Challenge schedule ahead of them, argues Sean Curtain. Have the undermanned Bombers (self-imposed, it must be pointed out) been spared the rod by AFL in being drawn to meet three of last season’s strugglers in the pre-season competition?

The First Ever Almanac Psychological Profile and Questionnaire: 100 Quick Questions (No fence sitting allowed)

“Take a seat on ze couch pliss. Dr Curtain vil be vis you shortly… “[really liking this one! – Ed]

The past is another country: A change is gonna come. (Who said that?)

Sean Curtain’s trusty Blackberry carked it. It got him thinking about change. And Spidercam.

Dear Almanac: Thanks for the gift that’s kept on giving

Sean Curtain, as honest and self-effacing as ever, pays tribute to the writing and reading community that is the Almanac.

[Thanks for these words Sean, and especially for all the words you have penned over the last three years – Ed]

Gabba Test, Australia v India – Day Two: The Old and the New – A Mixed Media Day of Cricket Updates

Sean Curtain charts both the progress of both live cricket media coverage and day two’s play at the Gabba.