Grand Final – West Coast v Hawthorn: Preparation is the key to success

For the superstitious among us, Grand Final week is a time to watch those superstitions carefully. Bradley Thomas had never been to a Grand Final. Was now the time to go?

Round 17 – Carlton v Hawthorn: One Supporter Has Been Blue since 2001

As Hawks supporter Bradley Thomas explains, the ‘Johnsy curse’ continued, as his Hawks had a massive win against the Blues on Friday night.

An Initiative that Has Everyone Happy with the Umpires

In one of the AFL’s great unsung initiatives, the Fiona McBurney Match Day Experience allows a child with Down syndrome to be the assistant for the umpires – or, as Bradley’s daughter Isabel calls them, “the quiet team.”

Round 7 – Hawthorn v Melbourne: Hawklings’ MCG Debut a Dee-Light

You couldn’t ask for an easier match to begin your AFL (spectator) career: Hawks home by 100 and a bit.

Round 5 – North Melbourne v Hawthorn: Hostile Hawks Bounce the Blue Roos

Responsible family man Bradley Thomas chose to stay home to watch his Hawks on Saturday night. Unfortunately, “demon superstitions” and a typically feisty clash against the Roos meant his wife and children had to hastily reassure him that all would be okay, which it was, because Hawthorn won.

Round 1 – Hawthorn v Geelong: Problems for Hawthorn? How did you fit all the champions in!

Zorba and ILuvHawkThugs spend some quality time together at the footer and marvel at the Hawks superiority.

Do We Go For Three?

ILuvHawkThugs shares with us the simple reasoning behind the choice of Lewis for his son’s name “…Omen disguised as superstition, parading as luck, in an act of folly.”