It’s ok to question the umpiring: when 17-1 is not a date

Crows man, Dave Brown, almost manages a recrimination-free look at the ins and outs of an AFL club seeking clarification on an interesting night’s umpiring

Victorian bias in free kicks – who’d have thought!

Is there home-team bias in umpiring? Dave Warner, armed with stats and capital letters, blows the whistle on this contentious issue.

Rules of the game – Chapter 2: The impossible dream*

Charlie Krebs ‘the Footy Bogan’ helpfully defines the physiology of Collingwood players and their opponents (as defined by Magpies fans). He also provides a computer algorithm to “clarify” holding the ball decisions.

AFL Round 13 Preview – Bring back the Giesch!

Sal Ciardulli has words of advice for the umpires and for tipsters. Lets hope Wayne Campbell is listening.