Almanac Life: Ulysses recalled – Farewell to The Brick.

John Gordon recalls his former team mate fondly known as ‘The Brick’, a man of great sporting prowess, and later in life, in search of a miracle as John so poignantly and profoundly explains.

Round 4 – Collingwood v West Coast: ‘It’d be a good one to win’

West Coast Eagles decimated by injuries overcame diversity and pulled off a great win against Collingwood as John Gordon explains.

Opinion: What if Declan Mountford makes his Eagles debut but nobody knew? The day integrity and the AFL parted company

John Gordon thinks the AFL stuffed up big time by hamstringing his Eagles who had to play with several missing due to Covid protocols – what do you think? Would it be a different kettle of fish if flag faves Melbourne were playing?

Almanac Cricket: Fifty-five days to be King – the BBL 11 Grand Final in technicolor (by John Gordon)

It takes a lot of skill for a writer to make T20 BBL cricket interesting and entertaining, and meaningful. But John Gordon has done it. Read his overview of BBL11 and the Scorchers win in the Grand Final. [Wasn’t expecting references to the Boxer Rebellion and David Niven in the opening paragraph – JTH]

Almanac Life and Footy: Do it for Frank

John Gordon shares the poignant life of Frank Temple, from a stint for the Saints’ Thirds cut down by a shoulder injury to a life cut short by the scourge of asbestos, Frank was St Kilda to the core, but family came first.

Almanac Soccer: Melbourne City for the cup! (Or how I learned to stop worrying and enjoy the soccer)

John Gordon first became interested in soccer in the 70s watching English soccer on late night TV, now he eagerly follows his son who is a keen soccer player.

Almanac Footy: “If you don’t mind umpire, that was only 14.5 metres!!’

Contentious umpiring decisions cause frustration and confusion for footy supporters everywhere. ‘We was robbed!’ is a plaintive cry in closely fought games. John Gordon steps into the debate.

Five things you may have forgotten (or don’t know) about Shannon Hurn

A timely and tongue-in-cheek refresher about the sometimes under-the-radar Eagles backline marvel Shannon Hurn from John Gordon.

Round 12 – Carlton v West Coast: Let’s make a list

With the odds stacked against West Coast it should have been a walkover for Carlton to win this Round 12 matchup, but it was not to be as John Gordon reports.

Almanac Football History – Darkness and Light: The remarkable and tragic story of the Banks family

A rich and engaging tale of the Banks family, in particular two extraordinary brothers, Tom and Albert, who made history in Victoria and Western Australia over a century ago, shared here by John Gordon. [Exceptional story. Ed.]

Round 8 – Hawthorn v West Coast: Mothers’ Day

John Gordon hasn’t been to the MCG much in recent years (as has been the case for most of us), but his latest visit was on Mothers’ Day, a special occasion to celebrate the many mothers who have given everything for their children; not least of which was the late Ateca Naitanui; Nic’s mum. [Great read: Ed.]

Almanac Footy Memoir: Worse Than This

In spite of the mud, the lashing rain, and the whipping gales, John Gordon misses those winter footy Saturdays.

Graeme Watson (Don’t leave it too late)

John Gordon remembers the late Graeme Watson, who was a big early influence during his teenage years in Perth.

Two imposters

John Gordon recalls the noted Kipling poem “If” in this tale of sporting woe, joy and where they fit into the bigger picture in the wake of West Coast’s exit from 2019.

Round 15 – West Coast v Hawthorn: The home of football and the burden of history

No Eagles fan should ever take a win at the MCG for granted. John Gordon recounts the long struggle for Western Australian teams at the ‘G. And he is delighted to report on his first live taste of success against the Hawks at the ground.

Round 10 – Adelaide v West Coast: Winning ugly, or just winning – can West Coast go back-to-back?

John Gordon discusses the difficulties of winning back-to-back AFL Premierships, while highlighting how West Coast are playing remarkably similarly to their 2018 premiership winning year.

Fathers’ Day

John Gordon’s debut piece for the Almanac is a touching account of family and football expressed through coach and players on one hand, and in the stands on the other. [Welcome John – thanks for this beaut piece which will definitely get a run in The Eagles’ Almanac – JTH]