Why Spectators Should Suck it Up, and Move On

Sarah Black has some advice for ‘fans’ and players who believe it’s appropriate to offer 15 year-old umpires a pair of glasses while they’re trying to adjudicate a netball game. [And the stats may just make your head spin. – Ed]

Golden Leaves – a Richmond fan’s lament

Richmond fan Sarah Black finds solace in a song. And she truly believes it cannot get any worse than this.

Almanac Women’s Footy: New sport, new team and new boots

Inspired by AFL Women’s, Sarah Black commences her footy career with a new pair of boots and a new set of footballers to be like

Almanac Netball: A Performance for One

Sara Black’s keen observations of the netball parent. Have you seen any like this at your local courts?

A Grand Final match report for my Dad

Since Sarah Black was 16 she has written footy reports. Her Dad has always loved them and encouraged Sarah to try sports journalism. A graduate, Sarah is now an intern at AFL Media. Her father was away for the Sydney-Doggies Grand Final so Sarah wrote this report for him. {Super piece Sarah and congrats on your new job – JTH]

Next year’s hope – 2016 Richmond list assessment

There’s always next year according to Sarah Black. This is what she hopes it will look like for the Tiges. Big, early, ridiculous calls? You tell us.

Round 8 – Richmond v Sydney: The key is steady breathing

Richmond’s win against Sydney was not only music to the ear for Sarah but a night where Jack provided a timely inspiration.

Round 1 – Richmond v Carlton: Footy’s Back

For Sarah Black, a Richmond win, several sighs of relief and a sardine-like train ride home indicate finally, footy’s back

Dear Richmond: I hate the way you…

With a little help from the film ’10 Things I Hate About You’, Sarah Black summarises how she feels about the Tigers as the Army deal with yet another Elimination final exit.

Round 18 – Hawthorn v Richmond: Three out of four ain’t bad

Tigers supporter Sarah Black watched her Tigers have a great win and four quarter performance against the Hawks on Friday night and when umpiring Netball on Saturday resolved to be like Bachar Houli.

Round 17 – Richmond v Fremantle: A Game of Halves

Sarah Black takes a ‘lose the battle, but win the war’ attitude to Richmond’s narrow loss to Fremantle from the weekend, and looks forward to seeing what happens IF they should meet again in September.

Round 13 – Sydney v Richmond: Changing Tides, Changing Tiges

Away from the AFL bubble that is Melbourne, Sarah Black realises her couch position doesn’t influence what happens to her beloved Tigers as she enjoys some Southern New South Wales sand and surf. As well as a Tigers win.

Twitter – the Student Journos’ Best Friend

As Sarah explains, Twitter has become the students best friend as Sarah and her classmates found when covering the Mick Malthouse sacking.

Round 7 – Richmond v Collingwood: A Write-up Purely Dictated by Crowd Comments

Here’s an idea for an Almanac match report: Sarah Black represents the entire Richmond v Collingwood game with nothing but the yells, quips and laments of the mad beast known as the MCG crowd.

Finding Joy Outside of Richmond

The essence of sport is the stories that come and go, inspiring us as they do. Sarah Black gives us the five best of the 2015 season (happy birthday Sarah).

Round 4 – Richmond v Melbourne: Giggle at a Funeral

Plenty of (Sarah) Black humour here. (Is this the first Almanac piece to be composed on the Monash Freeway?)

Yin and Yang

Sarah Black mourns the departure of Jake King and Dan Jackson from the Tigers’ playing group. Players can be replaced, individuals – and what they bring to a team – is a different matter.

Familiarity, New Courts and Gravel

Despite the familiarity of the courts at McDermott Avenue, Mooroolbark, after thirteen years of picking gravel out of her hands Sarah Black is looking forward to playing at the new netball facility at Pinks Reserve, Kilsyth.