Almanac (Footy) History: Before Tomahawk there was Jumping Jack

Jack Hawkins has been nominated to the inaugural AFL NSW Hall of Fame. Rod ‘Rocket’ Gillett caught up with him recently.

Almanac Memoir: The late Herald

Andrew Gaylard revives memories of a Colac weekend in the 1960s, where the tempo was set by the Saturday afternoon VFL footy, and the late edition of the Herald was a particular treat.

Almanac Footy History – Peter McLaren: The Champion of Glen Alvie

Roger Spaull has written a fascinating and absorbing history about Peter McLaren, champion footballer of Glen Alvie.

The Sixth Man – a world before the AFL

We welcome legendary journo and author Mike Bingham to the pages of the Almanac. In his first piece Mike tells us how he got to The Sun (News Pictorial in those days) and became Lou Richards Kiss of Death ghost writer. (his 19th?) Love it! [Great to have you in the fold Mike – JTH]

Almanac Rugby League – NRL Round 1 fallout

What can just one round of the new season tell us? Perhaps more than we might expect but, come September, we just might end up with egg on our faces!

A walk through History on the Collingwood Footy Tour

The fates finally coalesced for Luke Reynolds as he and his family spent an engrossing couple of hours walking the Collingwood Footy Tour, seven months after a gifted opportunity and 176 years in the making.

Almanac Footy History: World of Sport Handball Championship

Classic. Name the year.

Lou Richards’ Master Class At Melbourne High

Braham Dabscheck recalls the time Lou Richards and Jack Dyer were invited to give a talk at Melbourne High School. Easily the most engaging talk he ever heard as a student.

The Back To The Future Footy Panel

Lou Richards’ funeral yesterday was a beautiful tribute to a footy and media legend. We look back at a classic piece of humour from Phil Dimitriadis. Originally published five years ago.

Round 8 – GWS v Collingwood: Road trip

Gill had a road trip to Spotless Stadium for a tour of the stadium and then watched his team grab the win in the final seconds.

Almanac Memoir: Seeing Lou Richards as a young fella

Jim Johnson tells the story of the efforts to which his family went to see Collingwood and Lou Richards at Vic Park in the late `40s.

A Tribute To Lou

Josh Pinn shares a childhood footy memory, shakily built on the legend of Lou Richards; true giant of the footy world. [R.I.P. Lou – Ed].

Great players…Great nicknames

Peter Clark remembers some of the great nicknames of footballers past but wonders why nicknames for current footballers are not as forthcoming. Who can you add to the list?

Almanac Obituary: Vale Twinkle Toes

Rob Heath notes the passing of a great footballer, club man and quite the dancer in Laurie Dwyer

Era, era on the wall: 1949-1959

The VFL in the 1950s are synonymous with the dominance of the Demons under Norm Smith and their epic rivalry with Collingwood. But the 50s are remembered fondly out at Barkly Street and are notable also for the emergence of a kid from the Mornington Peninsula, who would dominate the goal square at Windy Hill…

Era, era on the wall: 1939 – 1948

Jeff Dowsing’s look back at VFL Grand Final eras continues. Today: The World War Two years. Bluey Truscott, The Bloodbath of ’45, ‘King’ Dick and Captain Blood.

The Jolly folly: Louie was right – big blokes just don’t get it

Darren Jolly’s assertion that the Rules of the Games committee has ruined the game is incorrect, but what would you expect from a ruckman, writes Stephen Alomes.

League Teams

Stephen Alomes is trying to check an unusual fact, which goes back to Lou, Jack and Bobby.

Feeling Greek

Some people in Australia think that I am Greek. (Ted Egan thinks I am George Megalogenis…I wish) And now that I have a son called Theo they really think I’m Greek. I look Greek. In Greece, when people asked me (more than once), “Where are you from?” I would say, “Australia.” They would say, “When [Read more]