Almanac Satire – Tackling the tackle: Desmond interviews an AFL Executive

David Wilson’s character Des Troyer returns to make sense of this tackling fiasco. Here he interviews an up-and-coming AFL Executive about recent tribunal decisions…

When the rain tumbles down in July.

In an effort to avoid planning for term 3 classes, Steve Hodder’s thoughts were directed to the AFL’s fear of forceful tackling, and ponders the notion that those at headquarters have forgotten to preserve the fundamentals of playing Aussie Rules.

Injustice riles the footy fan

Is there anything that riles the footy fan more than perceived injustice? Just sit in the stands and see the irate supporters vent their spleen at the perception their team “not being given a fair go”. I must admit that I find a similar sense of inequity when it comes to the recent match review [Read more]