Almanac Teams: A team of coaches

Phil Dimitriadis is at it again – this time with a mighty team of masterminds and motivators. Don’t THINK about checking out this team, DO check it out!

Training for six- Chapter 3: Training for three

There has to be a reason for every drill. Even if only three turn up on a foggy Tuesday night. Matt Zurbo’s excellent ‘Training for six’ series continues…

Heart And Soul

Wesley Hull discusses how people behind the scenes are the heart and soul at a football club and no club would survive without them.

We Salute You

Echoing the sentiments of many, Swish Schwerdt pays tribute to the thankless volunteers who make sports across the country happen every week. We salute you!

It’s ugly, it’s crap and I blame the coaches

Tony Robb slags all the tactical, defensive crap in modern footy that puts a premium on athleticism over skill. (An early call for post of the year – Ed.)

Crio’s Question: Spotlight on the coach

The term “Manager”, long deployed in European football, is nowadays appropriate for AFL. Is coach still an appropriate term in footy? And as fan/player/member/parent…what do you want from the Club figurehead?

Melbourne: the other potential coaching candidates

There’s a strong argument for Melbourne to be an innovator, and to look for something that will truly bring attention to the club, challenge the players and the status quo. With that, Sean Curtain has assembled a ‘second board’ of potential candidates Melbourne should not discount.

What footy and kids have taught me about tolerance, understanding and behaviour in recent weeks – An act in three parts

Sean Curtain likes thinking out loud. Which is what he does here as he works his way through some complex issues of identity and social interaction. He learns something from an Under 13 footy side.

AFL Round 9 – Indigenous Round: See the Marngrook fly!

Some sides are going to struggle each year – it’s the cyclical nature of the game – so Paul Thomson asks is if it’s really necessary to privately and publicly speculate about someone’s tenure as a coach?

crio’s Q?

Do team playing styles reflect their coach’s personality or is that too simplistic? Lyon considered, perhaps boring Sanderson capable, innovative.Ultimately effective. Blighty enigmatic. Leigh Matthews indomitable. A winner.

Rudd, Lyon, Freo and the Value of Nothing

  by Peter Baulderstone I don’t like the Harvey assassination (Mark not Lee Harvey) and Lyon ascension (Ross not Gary).  Trying to put aside the surprise, emotion and unfairness of the event, I want to put it in the context of our society and our politics in particular.   As the old saw goes ‘art [Read more]

Football’s Messiah Complex Lives On

The modern football ‘industry’ tries very hard to portray itself as a serious business run on serious business lines. The jargon of the boardroom has long since infiltrated the change room. No club CEO would be caught dead without his full complement of KPI’s , spreadsheets and mission statements. Sports administration is taught alongside MBA’s [Read more]

Neil Who?

When Neil Craig was appointed to the senior coaching role at the end of 2004, the common reaction outside of South Australia was “Neil who?”. He was a man who did not follow the usual path to AFL coaching. He had no AFL playing experience, although he did play over 300 games in the SANFL. [Read more]

Memo Blues: Win, and kill off the new anti-Ratts swarm NOW

On The Gruen Transfer last night Russell Howcroft said ‘all advertising works, just some works better’. I feel the same about talk-back radio and ‘comment’ facilities on news sites: it’s all at least somewhat annoying. And football talk-back is generally more than ‘somewhat’. Cicadas are responsible for that God-awful racket you hear in the summer, at [Read more]


I look at all our coaches nowadays And listen to them holding forth post-game: The stream of phrases, sausages, all the same, Ground up, churned out, consumable clichés. Where are the masters of the pithy phrase Whose wisdom, wit – and frequent lack of shame! – Brought World of Sport and Football Inquest fame? The [Read more]