AFL Round 10 – North Melbourne v St.Kilda: Boomer’s 350th

Paul Thomson’s plans to join a monastery after recent North Melbourne close encounters were placed on hold once free tickets on the wing were offered. (Not sure if he’s rethought his plans after last weekend – Ed.)

AFL Round 10 – West Coast v Richmond: Footy algorithms and unlikely allies

Monday night footy toys with John Carr’s footballing algorithms, but after Richmond’s performance against the Eagles, he’s decided it isn’t so bad after all.

Home: it’s where the Bulldogs are playing

Kerrie Soraghan misses the smell of wet duffel coats and donut vans at Whitten Oval but the win against Port in Darwin was as sweet as any win she watched there.

Boomer Harvey and other little blokes (and lots of interesting tidbits)

Cobba’s infographic and column focuses on the little blokes of the competition (as Cobba has spent a life-time on the end of the front row in photos). Lots of interesting pieces of information to consider.

AFL Round 10: Winners and Losers

Adam Ritchie, in his round-up of all that made Round 10, predicts that by the end of his career young Ablett will have fundamentally altered Australia’s physics curriculum.

AFL Round 10 – West Coast v Richmond: The end of TV as we know it

Matt Quartermaine doesn’t have pay TV, hates shows that are about hard work, and wonders what happened to the Eagles on Monday night.

AFL Round 10 – West Coast v Richmond: The Giant stomps the Eagles

Has the giant that is Richmond awoken for good? Or will he turn over for another extended nap before long? Paddy Grindlay hopes it’s the former.

AFL Round 10 – Geelong v Gold Coast: Schick Hydro 5 and other inspiration

It’s quiet on the terrace. The day after the launch of Footy Town John Harms travels to Geelong to be part of history.

AFL Round 10 – Geelong v Gold Coast: Feel the love

Geelong vice-president and life member, Gareth Andrews, recalls the somewhat mixed reception the Cats board received from the AFL Commission when they presented a plan for the future development of the ground. Seeing the lights shine 14 years later was overwhelming.

AFL Round 10 – Geelong v Gold Coast: Kardinia Park Alight

The trip to see the lights turned on at Kardinia Park triggers many memories for John Burke. Some things change, but much remains the same. And of interest to the club, perhaps: Burkie is one of many who is happy to travel.

AFL Round 10 – Brisbane v Collingwood (Haiku Bob): makeshift moon

Haiku Bob on Round 10.

AFL Round 10 – North Melbourne v St.Kilda: Pilgrim’s Progress

It’s Tom Greenaway’s annual pilgrimage match with mate Jas, a longtime tradition. But is this a year he’s going to want to remember, as the Saints do battle with doubt and inconsistency?

AFL Round 10 – Western Bulldogs v Port Adelaide: The heat is on

Tavis Perry finds himself on the spot in Darwin watching his Bulldogs battle the heat (and low expectations). He’s forced to reassess his view of the coach.

AFL Round 10 – Sydney v Essendon: So much to play for

After a week where Ian Latham is frustrated with footy off-the-field, he heads to the SCG with his mate Neil to see the real stuff. And Adam Goodes and the Swans turn it on.

AFL Round 10 – Adelaide v Fremantle: Embedded in a travelling banner team

Liz Roberts leads the Freo banner team to an interstate victory. Getting crepe paper to survive a rainy day is clearly a good omen.

AFL Round 10 – Geelong v Gold Coast: Turn on the lights

Geelong – the football team and the city – continue to grow, says Noel McPhee.

AFL Round 10 – The 2013 ‘Mopsy’ Fraser Cup: It ain’t easy being a coach

Earl O’Neill looks at how footy clubs have clawed their way back over the years. Melbourne, take note.

AFL Round 10 – Brisbane vs Collingwood: A decade is a long time in footy

It’s been a long time between Friday night games at the Gabba and Beth Newman was desperate for a win over the Pies. However, not even the mystical three-peat jumper could save her Lions.

AFL Round 10: The View from Shepparton

There comes a time when you cast sporting emotions aside and think of the heart and soul of those involved. So it is when Peter Schumacher thinks of Sam Stosur and Mark Neeld.

AFL Round 10: Dear AFL, this is where we should be heading

Paul Thomson hopes Boomer and Gaz both pass Michael Tuck’s games record, saying it’s not beyond them.