Interview: Brett Goodes – Accidental Destination

Anna Pavlou speaks with former Western Bulldog player Brett Goodes about taking his 22-game AFL career as the start of his passion for the AFL Community and the rights of the people involved.

The evolution of Jack Macrae

Exactly five years on from the debut of Jack Macrae, Alex Docherty has written about just what makes Jack such a key cog in the Dogs’ midfield and the development that got him to where he is today.

Grand Final 2016 – A Cool Beveridge

Josh Pinn reminds us where the Western Bulldogs have come from in the past two years after being tagged least relevant Club by The Age.

Finals Week 2 – Hawthorn v Western Bulldogs: Encouragements for me to be from Griffin to Murphy

Yoshi has jumped on the Bulldogs band wagon and is passionate with their win over Hawthorn, he also discusses work issues, footy and life in Japan.

Finals week 2 – The Wrap: Rhyce and Adam; we salute you.

The weekend’s footy is all done and dusted, so what better way to catch up on what you might have missed by catching up with The Wrap.

2015: The Dogs and Our Unfinished Journey. In Bevo we trust.

Hoping that there’s still more footy to come after Saturday night’s Elimination Final against the Crows, Simon McInerney looks back on the Bulldogs’ 2015 season to date. It’s fair to say that Simon doesn’t write the material for the Coodabeen Champions’ Dan from Droop Street.

Building a sustained platform…

Carlton Football Club has a new coach. Matt Watson wonders about Brendon Bolton’s platforms, honesty, game plan, his blank canvas, his preconceived ideas and his open mind (among other things).

Crio’s Q? – What do you actually expect from your coach?

A beauty of a question from Crio this week. There’s the old footy maxim: It’s easier to sack one coach than 18 players and a recruiting office. Are we expecting too much of the men in the coaching hot-seat? At what point does a holistic analysis of coaching performance come into play?

New Bulldogs Coach: “A good government (sorry footy club) was losing its way”

Peter Baulderstone was wondering where he had heard the Bulldogs President’s speech before? He thinks he knows who the next coach will be.

AFL Round 12: Western Bulldogs v Brisbane: A day in the life of a Lost Dog

On the road at a gig in Stockholm, Carl Coleman can spot a disappointing performance, hangover and all.

What does the future hold for prospective AFL coaches?

Clubs are prioritising potential coaching candidates with AFL playing experience. Is this restricting the breadth and efficiency of their choice?
Jackson Clark investigates the possibility of female and State football coaches.

Knackers play in finals. McCartney’s Bulldogs on track for finals

Neil Anderson is hoping to crack first place at the National Playwright Competition this year after being selected as a finalist. He thinks the Bulldogs are on track for success too, after hearing Brendan McCartney speak at the club’s presentation night.

AFL Round 10 – Western Bulldogs v Port Adelaide: The heat is on

Tavis Perry finds himself on the spot in Darwin watching his Bulldogs battle the heat (and low expectations). He’s forced to reassess his view of the coach.

AFL Round 9 – Indigenous Round: See the Marngrook fly!

Some sides are going to struggle each year – it’s the cyclical nature of the game – so Paul Thomson asks is if it’s really necessary to privately and publicly speculate about someone’s tenure as a coach?

Crio’s Question: Kennel Cough

Despite the media’s indulgence of the coach’s preachings, Bulldogs supporters are worried. Have they bottomed out or has the bottom fallen out?

Look what they’ve done to my club, ma!

Open letter to the Western Bulldogs hierarchy…if there’s anyone still running the asylum. Bulldogs you’ve finally broken me. After 60years as a supporter and twenty years as a member, I saw the Bulldogs play one of the worst games ever at the Gabba on the weekend. No wonder David Smorgon has gone missing. About the [Read more]