Almanac Tribute: Gareth Andrews remembers Frank Costa

Frank Costa was Geelong through and through, the driving force behind the Geelong Football Club becoming the on-field powerhouse it has been in recent times. Gareth Andrews remembers Frank Costa’s passing with a fitting tribute that was recently published in The Age.

Almanac Life: Ashton Agar [may] meet Ivar the Boneless

Welcome to John Agar who, after an email exchange with John Harms, responded to the oft-asked question: ‘Are you related to Ashton?’ He has been looking and has uncovered an intriguing family tree. [Good to have you in the fold John – JTH]

Richmond – 18 Months in Review: A Fruitful Journey

Dr Cruel relives the past 18 months as a Tiger supporter. He looks forward to 2019.

Almanac Lunches and other frivolities: Last week and now this week

Lunch last Friday was a ripper. Still time to sign up for a couple of events this week.

Almanac Teams – Super 6s: Standing on the Shoulders of a Giant

The number 6 has special significance to Phil Dimitriadis, thanks to his beloved brother Tim.

Almanac Recommendation: Life Again with Gareth Andrews

John Harms pens a short thank you to Almanac supporter Gareth Andrews.

Almanac Lunch: Sept 9th – Gareth Andrews and Ray Wilson before Hawks v Cats

There is a Hawks and Cats theme for our lunch before the big final on September 9th. Full details here.

Tom Wills Project: Auction of rare book

As part of the Tom Wills grave restoration project Gareth Andrews has donated a copy of the wonderful and rare book Wills Way. We are auctioning it here on the site.

Dick Clay: For the diehards

So many moments make up a passage of footy, a quarter of footy, a game of footy, a season of footy, the history of footy. Matt Zurbo has found a Dick Clay moment in the ’74 Grand Final which continues to inspire him.

Feb 25: a significant day in the history of the VFLPA/AFLPA

John Harms has produced the story of the formation of the VFLPA forty years ago.

Gareth Andrews joins Melbourne Superules FC

Richmond premiership star and Geelong vice-president Gareth Andrews (also of Life Again) is joining the Melbourne Superules Club for one night only.

AFL Round 10 – Geelong v Gold Coast: Feel the love

Geelong vice-president and life member, Gareth Andrews, recalls the somewhat mixed reception the Cats board received from the AFL Commission when they presented a plan for the future development of the ground. Seeing the lights shine 14 years later was overwhelming.

The art of writing, lost and found

Gareth Andrews on Writing. One of the beautiful gifts given to man and possibly one of its most underused.