Almanac Life: That escalated quickly

Noel McPhee shares his moving account of his journey since diagnosed with testicular cancer and the importance of his faith in his recovery.

Almanac Life: Work/Life Balance

After a forty year working life Noel McPhee reflects on the various jobs he held over his career as he now prepares for retirement.

Almanac Life: The comeback

Noel McPhee, inspired by his children’s sporting exploits and encouragement, has returned to the sporting field and made a comeback to running. This is his story.

Like a favourite toy

Noel McPhee’s observations of Cyril were first published in 2011

Almanac Footy Teams: I’ve been everywhere

Noel McPhee continues our series of footy teams with a team based on Australian towns. Others?

Christmas greetings

Bon Noel!

Four seasons in the whites

Noel gives us the rundown of his memorable cricket career, which included multiple fielding trophies and plenty of laughs.

The Family Team

What do you think of this team of family members from Noel McPhee?

Grand Final – Adelaide v Richmond: Like the Tigers of Old

Noel McPhee asks “What just happened?”

AFL International Cup: South Africa v Fiji

Noel McPhee took in the joy and enthusiasm of South Africa and Fiji’s encounter at the St Mary’s ground.

Almanac Cinema – Movie Review: Lion

Noel McPhee needs to tell us about this film “Lion;” a memorable film in many different and compelling ways. [Spoiler alert. Some storyline is divulged in this report – Ed].

Finals Week 1 – Geelong v Hawthorn: I am potentially Geelong

Noel McPhee doesn’t barrack for Geelong but living in the region gives him licence to switch temporarily, especially in a Final against Hawthorn.

Round 14 – Richmond v Brisbane: 20 years ago today…

Walking in to the MCG for Richmond’s game against Brisbane, Noel reflects on how things have changed

Round 16 – St Kilda v Richmond: The Sunday Observer

Not quite ‘The Innocents Abroad’ but Noel McPhee’s observations from the St Kilda v Richmond match would do old mate Samuel Clemens proud.

AFL Finals Week 1 – Richmond v Carlton: Half full/half empty

Richmond lost after leading at half time. Still, at least they finished the season above Collingwood, writes Noel McPhee.

AFL Round 10 – Geelong v Gold Coast: Turn on the lights

Geelong – the football team and the city – continue to grow, says Noel McPhee.

VFL Round 16 (1968) – Hawthorn v Collngwood

HAWTHORN v COLLINGWOOD Rd 16 1968 3rd August My parents are whispering. I can only hear muffled parts of the conversation. We are at a cubs footy carnival. We’ve played two games and I am so proud of my 1.1.7 in the first game. The behind is as good as the goal to me. I [Read more]

AFL Round 1 – Footscray v Brisbane Lions: Hope Versus Hope

There’s various levels of hope for each footy fan and dependent on the stage of the season, isn’t there?

Worse places to be than the first ODI of the summer

There weren’t too many present at the first One Day International of the Summer. Noel McPhee was there – his first one-day game in 20 years.


Some people at my work came up with a clever nickname for me recently ‘Grassy’. As in grassy knoll (Noel). There have been some good ones over the years. Loved Afghanistan (the forgotten war) for Mark Waugh and Audi when he made 4 duckss in a row. What are some other good ones you have [Read more]