Round 13 – North Melbourne v St Kilda: One to quickly forget

North Melbourne failed to give Boomer a fitting send off Friday night. Matthew Naqvi was blown away by just how badly the Kangas played.

Boomer? Anyone?

Stainless is wondering why there has been no Boomer Harvey tribute here at the Almanac. Nothing from North fans? How do they feel about it?

Round 19 – North Melbourne v St Kilda: What timing and special occasions mean to St Kilda and me

Yoshi showed his skills as at multi-tasking, working hard and supporting the Saints as they took on the Roos.

Round 19 Preview: Congratulating Boomer

Sal says it how a lot of people see it: Boomer may not be a favourite but you have to acknowledge his remarkable achievement. [Spot on Sal – Ed]

Round 3 – North Melbourne v Melbourne: Seven-goal breeze at Blundstone Arena

Fair dinkum, it blew down there in Tassie last Sunday. But that didn’t stop the boys playing a cracking game of footy at Blundstone Arena.

Finals Week 1 – Richmond v North Melbourne: The Army Reflects

Silver Bullet can string together a sentence or two on the basis of this sharp and entertaining Almanac debut. As sad as it all is for Tiges around the world. But Silver pretty much tells it like it is.

AFL Round 2 – Western Bulldogs v North Melbourne: Crush and Boom

A “wretched” game it may have been – but for Daniel “Crusher” Currie, Sunday’s match between the Roos and the Bulldogs was his coming-of-age, writes Rob Chanter

Boomer Harvey and other little blokes (and lots of interesting tidbits)

Cobba’s infographic and column focuses on the little blokes of the competition (as Cobba has spent a life-time on the end of the front row in photos). Lots of interesting pieces of information to consider.

AFL Round 10: Dear AFL, this is where we should be heading

Paul Thomson hopes Boomer and Gaz both pass Michael Tuck’s games record, saying it’s not beyond them.

Boomer rises to the occasion – again

 By Glenn Sullivan The usually friendly stadium is hostile tonight.  They have given us a tiny section for the cheer squad behind the goals but otherwise there are only smatterings of the royal blue in amongst the sea of red and black all around the stadium.