FEARLESS 2020 Round 10: The AFL’s Rodeo Road Trip equivalent is well underway

Fearless is back to dissect the Round 10 action and provide his entertaining view on the festival of footy.

Round 10 – Collingwood v Sydney: The steel stud affair

It was a tight game between Collingwood and Sydney. Richard Davis was impressed by his young Swans effort, but was critical towards the choice of footwear from his team.

The Footy Almanac 2007 Round 10 – West Coast v Kangaroos: A wayward Western performance leads to small-club syndrome

Rob Clarkson cheered on the Roos from a local pub in 2007. But as his Kangaroos fell behind to a determined West Coast outfit, his attention went to fuelling his envy at other lavish clubs.

The Footy Almanac 2007 Round 10 – Melbourne v Adelaide: The first moment of true glory for long-suffering Dees fans

Mark Freeman witnessed a spectacle at the MCG in Round 10, 2007. Previously winless, Melbourne turned the tables on Adelaide to secure a wonderful victory.

The Footy Almanac 2007 Round 10 – Collingwood v Fremantle: Family, Fremantle, failure

Chris Tarrant travelled to the MCG to play his old side for the first time in 2007. Mike Shuttleworth describes his horror reunion with the Magpie faithful.

Round 10 – Fremantle v Brisbane: Making A Point

“Every kid has always dreamed of hitting the post after the siren to win a match haven’t they?” PoppyPenny followed the thriller in Perth on the radio while travelling back home to Kalgoorlie.

Boomer Harvey and other little blokes (and lots of interesting tidbits)

Cobba’s infographic and column focuses on the little blokes of the competition (as Cobba has spent a life-time on the end of the front row in photos). Lots of interesting pieces of information to consider.

Round 10 Winners and Losers

Round 10 of the 2012 AFL season shall be forever remembered as bizzaro round. Winners  Mark Neeld and his Melbourne Demons The siren is about to go, right? I believe it is. And our score is a bigger number than theirs? It appears so. Well, this is new. Melbourne notched their first win of the [Read more]