Almanac Weekend Reading: “The West Coast boys done bad”

“Ten years after the Eagles’ 2006 premiership, a culture is laid bare” – Martin McKenzie-Murray has this very interesting piece in the current issue of “The Monthly”.

‘Sooks, slackers and snipers, hit the road’

Lachlan Tighe dissects the culture of a successful bowls club – and is more than aware that these Commandments can be extrapolated and applied to just about any sporting club.

Team sport success: Where can I buy a magic carpet? (Illywhackers v. controllers)

E. Regnans writes of the magic (whatever you call it) which is hard to identify yet transforms teams, and also reflects on the impact of one G.J. Bailey.

Five Revolutionary Minutes

Comrade Dan Toomey is new to the Royal Park Reds, a very famous Melbourne cricket club. He has learned why they are so highly regarded in just a few months. He has also learned they have a major struggle on their hands. [Now that’s what I call club culture – Ed]

AFL Round 10 – The 2013 ‘Mopsy’ Fraser Cup: It ain’t easy being a coach

Earl O’Neill looks at how footy clubs have clawed their way back over the years. Melbourne, take note.

The elusive role that culture plays in a club’s success

There’s something that can’t be bottled, defined or imitated with the elusive thing that is culture, and that’s where the beauty lies, writes Sean Curtain,

The indelible and permanent stain of failure at Melbourne

Sean Curtain explains how the Dees were toying with the gods and a few other key elements of life in footy. He has little sympathy. I suspect a Melbourne fan sees it differently.

The 2012 ‘Mopsy’ Fraser Cup – Round Eight

Greetings Tipsters Isn’t it about time we put the Fuschias out of their collective misery? It can’t be good for us, having to bear witness to their tragedy on a weekly basis. They’re incompetent on every level imaginable, even the bootstudder has lost a few fingers, his paws resemble those of a 1950s canecutter.

The 5 Cs of Premiership Success

Was it just me, or did we all laugh when the Tigers announced a new five-year plan at the beginning of the year? All except Tigers fans of course. Their collective groan measured 4.1 on the richter scale. Five years in itself is not too long to wait for premiership success, but when it’s the [Read more]