AFL Round 10 – Geelong v Gold Coast: Schick Hydro 5 and other inspiration

It’s quiet on the terrace. The day after the launch of Footy Town John Harms travels to Geelong to be part of history.

AFL Round 10 – Geelong v Gold Coast: Feel the love

Geelong vice-president and life member, Gareth Andrews, recalls the somewhat mixed reception the Cats board received from the AFL Commission when they presented a plan for the future development of the ground. Seeing the lights shine 14 years later was overwhelming.

AFL Round 10 – Geelong v Gold Coast: Kardinia Park Alight

The trip to see the lights turned on at Kardinia Park triggers many memories for John Burke. Some things change, but much remains the same. And of interest to the club, perhaps: Burkie is one of many who is happy to travel.

AFL Round 10 – Geelong v Gold Coast: Turn on the lights

Geelong – the football team and the city – continue to grow, says Noel McPhee.

The Stand is dead, long live the Stand

Watching Kardinia Park take centre stage on Saturday night, Stephen Cooke’s thoughts turn to the past – and Kent Kingsley.