Round 8 – Haiku Bob: whisky moon

When the Pies fell three goals behind, Haiku Bob was prepared for the worst but, once the ball fell to Daicos, ‘the rest we know…’

Round 6 – Haiku Bob: plastered

Haiku Bob captures the essence of Autumn, player peculiarities and Collingwood’s comeback win – all in one haiku!

Round 4 – Haiku Bob: cheers and jeers

Images and emotions swirled wildly as Haiku Bob watched his Pies win unconvincingly in Gather Round.

Round 3 – Haiku Bob: Jamie and the moon

After the obscurity of three successive defeats, Haiku Bob finally saw a glimpse of the mountaintop after Collingwood downed the Lions.

Almanac Poetry: Haiku Bob event readings

Haiku Bob will be reading his haiku at an event at the Collingwood Yards this Saturday, 17 February.

AFL Grand Final – Haiku Bob: sky high

You’d struggle to find a more fitting time for Haiku Bob’s musings – spring is in the air, with it the swoops of black and white victory.

2023 AFL Grand Final Haiku Kukai

Haiku Bob is back with his annual Grand Final haiku challenge! Join the competition as the Grand Final evolves on Saturday afternoon.

Preliminary Final – Haiku Bob: in unison

Haiku Bob reflects on the gripping Preliminary Final between the Pies and the Giants.

Round 21 – Haiku Bob: cooling pies

Haiku Bob is trying to not allow old feelings to cloud his current hopes for the Pies after their unexpected loss to the Hawks.

Round 5 – Haiku Bob: the gauntlet

Haiku Bob reviews the Collingwood v St Kilda Gather Round match in verse though the Saints comeback did give him some nervous moments.

Round 3 – Haiku Bob: sweet nothings

Haiku Bob offers his appreciation of the tense battle between Collingwood and Richmond last weekend.

Round 2 – Haiku Bob: up down back

Haiku Bob saw aspects of heavenly bodies as Collingwood cut through the power of Port Adelaide.

Round 1 – Haiku Bob: outgoing sky

Haiku Bob is back for the new footy season! He can’t get the word ‘Daicos’ out of his sentences.

Round 17 – Haiku Bob: change in pitch

Haiku Bob reflects on Collingwood’s narrow win over rock bottom – North Melbourne over the weekend.

Round 16 – Haiku Bob: small talk

Haiku Bob offers his thoughts on Collingwood’s win over Gold Coast (and those Daicos boys in particular)

Round 15 – Haiku Bob: the ruckman’s reach

Collingwood’s run of success and the creature comforts of home are enough to keep both Haiku Bob and his dog happy.

Round 11 – Haiku Bob: bits of space

Haiku Bob always has a unique take on the game. The Collingwood v Carlton clash caused contrasting emotions before the winner (and the child in Bob) emerged.

Round 9 – Haiku Bob: lopsided moon

Haiku Bob expresses his feelings in haiku through another loss for the Pies.

Round 5 – Haiku Bob: the little good

Haiku Bob reflects on Collingwood’s loss while cooking, and with a good whisky.

Round 2 – Haiku Bob: armchair ride

Haiku Bob reflects on some special moments from Round 2.