AFLW Round 4: GWS v Western Bulldogs: To Henson Park and beyond

Ian Latham heads to the much-loved Henson Park in Sydney’s inner west for the AFLW match between GWS and the Western Bulldogs and considers the changes over the last four decades.

AFLW Round 4 – GWS v West Coast Eagles: Cora the great

The sun shone on Blacktown, the remarkable Cora Staunton was on fire, and GWS won. Ian Latham reflects on an enjoyable day, and just how much has changed in a short time.

AFLW Round 1 – Fremantle v GWS: There’s a lot to love

Ian Latham and his daughter enjoyed their AFLW Round 1 match between Freo and GWS and got their money’s worth. A good victory to Freo, a team to watch for the future according to Ian.

Preliminary Final – Collingwood v GWS: Reasons to believe

Ian Latham reviews Collingwood’s loss against the Giants in their preliminary final acknowledging that GWS now have a real team.

Round 23 – Sydney v St Kilda: Time is called

The end of the season has Ian Latham reflecting on retiring footballers, club, friends and family.

Round 12 – Sydney v West Coast: The shadow of Goodes on a sunny day

Ian Latham, together with old friends and new at the footy, celebrate a great win by their Swans over the Eagles in their Round 12 match at the SCG.

Finals Week 1: Sydney v Essendon: Of rainbows and fairytales

Sydney’s fairytale comeback in 2017 continued with a massive win over Essendon.

Round 14 – Sydney v Essendon: Steal a game, save a season

Ian Latham witnessed the best four and a half minutes of footy he has ever seen. The Swans produced a stunning comeback to defeat the Bombers at the siren and gave the home fans the best reason to believe finals may be on the cards for 2017.

Round 8: GWS v Collingwood – Of Schadenfreude at Spotless

While celebrating his team’s win, Ian Latham refuses to enjoy the misery of Collingwood fans.

Round 7 – Sydney v Brisbane: Perchance to dream

Ian Latham needed a Swans win; not to get them into the finals, but to restore some pride.

Finals Week 2 – Sydney v Adelaide: Neil, the imaginary bar and the kitchen sink

Ian Latham had to endure his mate Neil’s annoying behaviour when the Swans beat Adelaide, seems he is about to become insufferable.

Finals Week 1 – Sydney v GWS: Very, very scary, even in bright sunlight

Ian Latham visualised the Giants as bad guys wearing gaberdine coats from a Films Policier classic while the Swans were the prey, a glimpse of the very near future and it looked pretty scary.

Round 23 – Sydney v Richmond: Abject, bad, calamitous, dreadful, execrable

Ian Latham suggests there are many synonyms for woeful and they all would have been appropriate for Richmond’s performance against Sydney.

Round 13 – Sydney v Melbourne: A win was a win and it was good to win in the wet

Ian Latham compared Rugby and AFL on Sunday and with a wet SCG one code resembled the other.

Round 12 – Greater Western Sydney v Sydney: Coming of Age

Ian Latham considers Spotless Stadium one of the best venues to watch footy and not just because of the pepper steak pie.

Round 22 – GWS v Carlton: Keep your eyes on the prize

Two teams with remarkably different histories. Ian Latham was at Spotless Stadium to watch the new kids on the footballing block thump Carlton.

Round 18 – Sydney v Adelaide: Sometimes more than a game

After a week of disenchantment, Ian Latham finds redemption in the actions of the Sydney Swans, the Adelaide Crows and 38,000 fans who stand with Adam Goodes.

Round 1 – Sydney v Essendon: Unknown knowns and known unknowns

Ian Latham saw the Swans ultimately take this game, but that doesn’t mean he knows how or why it happened. Redemption? Culture? Who really knows?

AFL Round 23: Sydney v Richmond – reasons to believe

For Swans fan Ian Latham ANZ Stadium is like an old glass of tonic water on a train to Cairns; flat and spiritless with an unstable surface. Fortunately the Swans Round23 game against the Tigers had a lot more fizz in it.

AFL Round 18 – Hawthorn v Sydney: the threads of life, and footy

The company of good friends, an enthusiastic French exchange student, and a fine game of footy. Ian Latham coped with the Swans losing.