Almanac Life – Old Movies for Modern Kids

Some movies are classics for a reason. Matt Quartermaine has named a wide selection from several genres and decades condensed into the category of ‘old movies’ perfect for viewing with kids of most ages.

Round 2 – Gold Coast v West Coast: “And it goes to a Gold Coast player…”

Matt Quartermaine, sans pub TV coverage, takes to the radio to follow the Suns-Eagles clash on Saturday evening. He was reminded of a sketch he did with Parko thirty years ago. Here’s his report – and you’re sure to love the YouTube clip. [Prescient – Ed]

Thinking Of You 2019

Once again inspired by Martin Flanagan, Matt Quartermaine entertained the Almanac Grand Final lunch crowd with this farewell to season 2019.

Vale Ronald Vincent Quartermaine

Matt Quartermaine pays tribute to his late father, Ronald Quartermaine, who played 75 games for East Perth in the WAFL, and was perhaps the most decent and honest person he has met. [Superb – Ed]

Almanac Flashback – AFL Round 16, 2009: Collingwood v Hawthorn – Barracking for Switzerland

The Magpies clash with the Hawks on Friday night at the ‘G’. Sixteen years ago to the day the same teams battled it out and Matt Quartermaine was there with his brother Simon as neutral spectators. There was a lot more happening than just the footy. Here’s Matt’s take on the night. What’s the go with the sauce these days?

Grand Final – West Coast v Collingwood: The Game

After starring at the Almanac Grand Final lunch, Matt Quartermaine scored a ticket to the game. It was his lucky day.

Thinking of you West Coast Eagles (with apologies to Martin Flanagan)

Matt Quartermaine was among the very fine speakers at The Footy Almanac Grand Final Eve 2018 Lunch. Magnificently delivered, this brought the house down. [Very WA and from an Eagles fan too. JTH]

The Commoners Guide To AFL Commentary

Matt Quartermaine unravels some footy commentator lingo for us. Do you have any of your own?

Almanac Dinner: Yoshi lights up the North Fitzroy Arms

A happy (and rather boisterous) crew had dinner with Yoshi Imagawa at the North Fitzroy Arms. Matt Quartermaine, who arrived fashionably late, was in the best position to make some observations. [The chicken wing re-enactment was a highlight – Ed]

Matty Q’s Footy Roundup – Round 5.

Matty Q comes off the long run with some early season observations on footy media, the deliberate out of bounds rule, and the importance of umpires being able to read minds.

Almanac People: Jokes that Kill

Matt Q provides some insight into the craft of footy humour and when it falls into the hands of the wrong people it can be dangerous.

Round 13 – Review: Freedumb

Matt Q reviews all that is glorious on Round 13 Free to Air Football, the split round of dummy spitting rounds.

Free to air your grievances

Matty Q’s superb view of footy over “Her Royal Richness’ ” weekend [includes best new verb for Dustin Martin’s style of play – Ed].

Waltzing With The Matildas

A late Monday night watching the Matildas and Matt Quartermaine is converted.

Playing at the MCG

It’s everyone’s dream to play cricket on the MCG. Matty Q’s done it. Sort of. (A ripping yarn about local cricket)

Grand Final – West Coast v Hawthorn: Grand Excuses

West Coast Eagle Matt Quartermaine wants to know what you really feel about the Hawthorn premiership. He lets us know how he does.

Finals Week 1 – West Coast v Hawthorn: Some things are more important than footy

An important piece of reflective beauty from Matt Quartermaine.

And Give Up Showbiz?

The two sides of the Melbourne Comedy Festival: the big rooms at the Town Hall and the ‘off-Broadway’ gems like Matty Q and Tim Smith’s ‘Breaking Dad’ show in South Melbourne. Is local laughs, is good.

Hit in the box

And Matty Q thought Hawkeye was a TV surgeon with a Groucho Marx complex?

Ask and ye shall receive

Matty Q has completed the AFL spectator survey. He may have captured the general feeling?