The strange case of Archie Whitfield

The ‘one game only’ club contains a plethora of interesting stories. Archie Whitfield is one such case, as related here by Gigs in an excerpt from his forthcoming book with Mick Rees.

AFLW Round 2 – Western Bulldogs v Melbourne: Dogs washed away by an all-round solid Melbourne performance

Sean Mortell reports on Friday night’s Doggies-Dees match from a wet Whitten Oval.

AFLW Round 7 – Western Bulldogs v Carlton: Rising Blues defeat the never give up Bulldogs

Yoshi farewells the Western Bulldogs AFLW team in their Round 7 match against the winning Blues. Next year, Yoshi’s Saints will be in the competition.

AFLW Round 2 Western Bulldogs v Geelong: The story of Dogs and Cats and loved ones

Yvette Wroby drives early to Whitten Oval and enjoys good parking, the setting sun and a Doggies victory. All is good with the world when an AFLW game is on.

AFLW Round 2 – Western Bulldogs v Geelong: Second week blues for the Cats as the Dogs look strong

The Cats started well – with the advantage of the breeze – but the classy and experienced Dogs showed why they were premiers. Sean Mortell reports on their strong win and observes that they are still in low gear.

AFLW Round 1 – Things that I learned and predictions/tips for Round 2

Yvette Wroby shares her thoughts on Round 1 of the AFLW 2019 season, and gives her predictions/tips for the next Round. Join her on the Almanac wing to the right of the coaches box (facing the oval) for the Bulldogs v Cats game. Let the fun begin again tomorrow night!

AFLW Round 7 – Western Bulldogs v Melbourne: Post-match with Aasta O’Connor

Kasey Symons spent some time with Aasta O’Connor following the Doggies’ last gasp win into the AFLW Grand Final, with a cameo from a favourite son of the West

AFLW Round 7 – Melbourne v Western Bulldogs: So close, yet so far for the Dees

It was shattering for Dees fan Cat Jones to watch her team just miss out on a place in the AFLW grand final on Saturday night. She writes from the heart here in true Footy Almanac style.

AFLW Round 4 – Western Bulldogs v Carlton: Being ‘Glass Half Full’ for the Blues

Big injuries and key outs kept Carlton out of the game Friday night but didn’t seem to affect an equally, if not more so, injured Bulldogs unit with Lochland and Toogood essentially just too good. Peter Fuller was there to take it all in.

AFLW Round 1 – Western Bulldogs v Fremantle: Women of the Kennel Shine.

Yvette Wroby didn’t make it to the Kennel, but the super powerful Katie Brennan and her team of new and old stars did. It was a weekend of women writing their own stories.

AFLW Round 1 – Western Bulldogs v Fremantle: Experiencing Unfamiliar Territory at the Western Oval

Craig Dodson had to face some 2016 GF demons as a Swans fan on Sunday afternoon entering Whitten Oval, but he could enjoy the Bulldogs victory this time around with his family.

Success has brought life back to traditional roots

The past two seasons have seen premierships for the Western Bulldogs and Richmond Tigers which has caused disbelief from the football community, and their fans. Jake Rachwalski looks at what these wins have done for the suburbs involved as well as footy on the whole.

2016 Grand Final – A West Side Story

Anne Gilbee relives her truly unique and surreal experience of the Bulldogs winning the 2016 Premiership. For her it was the most amazing dream come true.

AFLW Round 4 – Western Bulldogs v Collingwood: The Balance Returns …

No dropped yummy salmon patties for Lyn this time as she cheers her Pies on for their first win of the season in the AFLW.

AFLW Round 4 – Western Bulldogs v Collingwood: Fireworks as Pies finally break the ice

Collingwood managed to secure their first win of the AFLW season against an inaccurate Western Bulldogs.

AFLW Round 4 – Western Bulldogs v Collingwood: The Footy Gods have their say

A devastating injury to Kate Sheahan dampened the mood of Kasey Symons.

AFLW Round 2 – Western Bulldogs v Adelaide: Ying, meet Yang

It wasn’t the best night for Jack Banister with the Western Bulldogs losing to Adelaide and a warm beer beforehand.

AFLW Round 1- Western Bulldogs v Fremantle: Waiting Time Is Over

Alex Docherty makes a memorable trip from the South Eastern suburbs to the Whitten Oval to witness the historic Round 1 AFLW clash between the Bulldogs and Dockers.

AFLW Round 1 – Western Bulldogs v Fremantle: Reigning premiers chalk up historic first win

Joey D, a graduate of Footscray North Primary, has moved north of the Murray. But he wasn’t missing the first game in the AFLW comp at Whitten Oval. He drove down the Hume. And it was worth the trip. tremendous piece from Joey D, with its focus on the moment, and on the footy.

AFLW Round 1 – Western Bulldogs v Fremantle: Happy times in Footscray

Danae Gibson heads to the Western Oval to be part of another bubbling, happy crowd who watch the home side control an entertaining match. [Super report of the game and the crowd – JTH]