Finals Week 2 – Geelong v Sydney: Cats pounce

John and Marj Burke enjoyed their Friday night in the MCC Members.

Round 23 – Geelong v Melbourne: Cats Exorcise Sorry Demons

Better late than never, Burkie sends in the final match report for the home and away season with Geelong defeating Melbourne.

Round 7 – Geelong v West Coast: Cats Hungry, Eagles Just Peckish

Burkie feels there is little in the way of affection between Geelong and West Coast and their supporters, possibly due to some big games in the ’90s.

Round 16 – Geelong v Western Bulldogs: Cats Close the Gap on Red Dogs

Burkie reviews some classic moments from the underrated cats vs dogs rivalry. He also traveled down highway for the latest installment. It was close, but well short of classic status.

Old cricket photo: St Mary’s CYMS

Burkie shares with us a wonderful old cricket photo which has a very personal significance for him.

AFL Round 10 – Geelong v North Melbourne: Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’

As Burkie enters his seventh decade of Catdom, he looks back on the history between the combatants of the first ever night game down at Kardinia Park. Lovers of 50s TV, did your favourite get a mention?

AFL Round 16 – Geelong v Melbourne: Forward to the past

Stevie Johnson in full flight warms the hearts of all at Kardinia Park. Then it happens – again! An undisciplined and unnecessary act – why Stevie J, why?

AFL Round 10 – Geelong v Gold Coast: Kardinia Park Alight

The trip to see the lights turned on at Kardinia Park triggers many memories for John Burke. Some things change, but much remains the same. And of interest to the club, perhaps: Burkie is one of many who is happy to travel.

The Lance Perkins end (of Kardinia Park).

    Round 1 1967 – Geelong v Collingwood, Kardinia Park   by Burkie (John)   I think it might have been Malcolm Blight who, when asked one year about the significance of the opening round for a team, said something along the lines that it was probably the least important game of the season. [Read more]