A Weekend in Sport

There was a lot to appreciate about the weekend’s multiple sports offerings. Ian Hauser provides his take on some of the amazing contests and looks for lessons from it all.

Almanac Book Cover 2016: The case for Boomer

Tony Wilson pushes the case for Boomer to be featured on the cover of the 2016 Almanac.

Round 23 – North Melbourne v GWS: Resigned To Their Fate

It is farewell from Smokie to four departing North veterans.

Round 20 – Western Bulldogs v North Melbourne: The Game That Divides Two Friends MK II: Enter The Bont

Alex gets his revenge as his Dogs defeat friend Ellen’s Roos.

Round 19 – North Melbourne v St Kilda: The Record Breaker

Rob pays homage to the little, angry man who wears number 29 for the Roos.

Round 19 – North Melbourne v St Kilda: We Love Ya, Boomer!

Andrew Starkie lauds the incredible career of Brent Harvey, which was celebrated by he and fellow ‘Roos supporters with a comfortable win over St Kilda on Saturday night.

Round 19 – North Melbourne v St Kilda: Dreaming

Though a tantalizing reward for her much-improved Saints, finals appear an unreachable goal for this season after the frustrating loss to the Kangaroos, writes Yvette Wroby,

Round 19 – North Melbourne v St. Kilda: Saints leave kicking boots at home as Brent ‘Boomer’ Harvey breaks games played record

44,287 people were at Etihad to witness history … Lindsay Thomas handballing off a certain goal.

Round 19 Preview: Congratulating Boomer

Sal says it how a lot of people see it: Boomer may not be a favourite but you have to acknowledge his remarkable achievement. [Spot on Sal – Ed]

Round 18 – Western Bulldogs v St Kilda: Analyze this

Our American Sainter, Glenn Brownstein, hopes to solve some Aussie mysteries, much as St Kilda solved the Bulldogs on Saturday night.

Round 18 – North Melbourne v Collingwood: Meh-ness under the roof

Was there much point to this game for the general footy fan? Friday night and who cares. Young Paddy Grindlay reports. [That ‘meh’ word is gaining currency – never saw it when the Almanac first started. – Ed]

NAB Challenge – St Kilda v North Melbourne: Lead first and defeated last again

Working in Japan, Yoshi takes in the Saints’ efforts via the miracle of modern telecommunications.

Almanac Art: ‘Four of the Best’ by Susan Sutton

‘Four of the Best’ is artist Susan Sutton’s painting depicting the 2015 AFL finals series. It is available for purchase.

North Melbourne’s Best Side in 2016: Discuss

Some Smokie musings on North Melbourne’s best 22 for season 2016. Are veterans Harvey and Wells included? Plus the meaning of the acronym N-O-M-W revealed.

Finals week 3 – The Wrap: “A Heapin’ helpin’ of that [West Australian] hospitality…”

A comprehensive look at the weekend’s preliminary finals from The Wrap, as only The Wrap can produce.

Reflections On Another Wasted Year

Dr Cruel is maintaining the faith. Sarah Black’s tried but can’t hate the Tigers (not even a little), while Paddy Grindlay just sees another wasted year…

Citrus Bob’s Football Dictionary

New styles of football on display, new hope brimming in hearts. Citrus Bob Utber recognises the time for some new vocabulary, stemming from AFL finals week 1.

Round 23 – Richmond v North Melbourne: Scott’s missing minions

It was a rather bizarre situation facing the Tigers (and other clubs) across this weekend. John Green was at the game against an undermanned North Melbourne.

A guide to busting the Adam Goodes excuses

Lachie Gaylard weighs in on the Adam Goodes debate with his deconstruction of the “I’m not racist, I boo Goodesy because…” arguments.

Round 17 – Brisbane v North Melbourne: The curse is dead; long live the curse.

As Almanackers will appreciate from previous years, for Matt Watson, this weekend was all about The Curse. Russ was in town. For a North Melbourne game…