Round 10 Review: Salute to Sir Doug Nicholls, Pastor, Legend…AFL Indigenous Round by Fearless

Fearless believes Carlton has something special in the water to get Kreuzer and Casboult up in his review of the Sir Doug Nicholls round.

Round 10 – Carlton v Adelaide: Judd’s Last Stand.

As Tom Greenway discusses he and his mates were at the MCG and witnessed a moment they will never forget.

Round 10 – Preview: The road from purgatory

Sal Ciardulli separates the contenders from the maybes and offers his selections for Round 10. Go Friars.

AFL Round 10: The View from Shepparton

There comes a time when you cast sporting emotions aside and think of the heart and soul of those involved. So it is when Peter Schumacher thinks of Sam Stosur and Mark Neeld.

AFL Round 10 Preview: Wilburrrrr

Sal Ciardulli took a look this week at which clubs (not including the new teams) are playing the most kids with 50 games or less. After Melbourne and the Dogs comes…Hawthorn. Worryingly for Richmond fans, they are fielding less new players than all but Sydney.

The Wrath of Josh

By Josh Barnstable Something isn’t right at Aegis Park. Something has gone wrong, deep in the heart and soul of the North Melbourne Football Club. 10 rounds into the season, sitting 12th on the ladder with just four wins, everything possible has gone pear shaped for the club that promised so much in the pre-season. [Read more]

The Wrap – Round X

THE WRAP – ROUND X WHERE LIFE IMITATES FOOTBALL And what a round it’s been in Footy Eddie.  Competition Leaders and Flag Favourites humbled and humiliated.  Yes Bomberland Faithful, a loss by one straight kick is an humiliation when it’s delivered by a winless team with a scoring percentage lower than Julia Gilliard’s approval rating.  [Read more]