Round 9 – Essendon v Geelong: A rock and a hard place

Col’s off to Uluru, but he’s sticking his neck out before he goes. Bombers to win!

Round 8 – Fearless: Happy Mother’s Day for the largely unsung members of the AFL community

Fearless wraps Round 8 with musings on Joel Wilkinson, Mark Neeld and what is going on in the Essendon coaches’ box.

AFL Round 9 – Richmond v Melbourne: A Tale of Two Suburbs

Two teams battling. How good are they? Gregor Lewis feels the time warp spinning back to 2011 in watching Melbourne and Richmond. But this time, there’s a certain something about the Demons.

James Magner

Jackson Clark reckons that mature age midfielder James Magner was poorly treated by the Melbourne Demons coaching panel last season. What do Demons fans think and are you looking forward to 2014 with real hope?

O Coach, My Leader

With much discussion about finding the “right” coach for Melbourne, David Wilson asks: What actually is the job of a coach?

AFL Round 13 – St.Kilda v Melbourne: On-field action can’t match off-field drama

Kelsey Smith reports the St. Kilda and Melbourne was uneventful as far as footy goes but that’s what both teams needed after a tumultuous week.

Application for coach of Melbourne

Morayfield Might coach (and club legend) Linday Guinn has thrown his hat into the Melbourne coaching ring with this impressive letter to Peter Jackson. His resume speaks for itself.

Melbourne: the other potential coaching candidates

There’s a strong argument for Melbourne to be an innovator, and to look for something that will truly bring attention to the club, challenge the players and the status quo. With that, Sean Curtain has assembled a ‘second board’ of potential candidates Melbourne should not discount.

Crio’s Question: The toughest gigs

Who would want to be a coach? And what are some of the less desirable positions that need to be filled in sporting clubs?

AFL Round 10 – The 2013 ‘Mopsy’ Fraser Cup: It ain’t easy being a coach

Earl O’Neill looks at how footy clubs have clawed their way back over the years. Melbourne, take note.

AFL Round 10 – Melbourne v Hawthorn: Neelding change – urgently

Exactly one year ago to the day, Melbourne pulled off a stirring victory against Essendon. It’s been a long, long year, writes Dees fan Michael Thompson.

AFL Round 9 – Indigenous Round: See the Marngrook fly!

Some sides are going to struggle each year – it’s the cyclical nature of the game – so Paul Thomson asks is if it’s really necessary to privately and publicly speculate about someone’s tenure as a coach?

Put down the poison pen

Melbourne ruined the stories and headlines of many journalists by winning their game against the Giants. Matt Watson wonders if Neeld can get a little breathing space.

AFL Round 4 – Fearless: Demons must stay the course

The Demons have just got to stay the course. They are in good hands with Mark Neeld.

AFL Round 3 – Melbourne v West Coast: Black humour learning opportunities

Black humour has long been some solace for fans of perennially losing teams, although even here the Dees’ resident online wits lack impact compared to their Tiges and even Doggies counterparts, writes Geoff Woolcock.

Demolished Demons

Demons coach Mark Neeld seems unable to adapt as the match unfolds, writes Caitlin Nobes. Is he stubborn, or is it something else?

Melbourne’s demons – This is the life we’ve chosen

The losing culture Melbourne fostered, to ensure high draft picks, has become entrenched.

AFL Round 2 – Essendon v Melbourne: Avert your eyes

It’s bloody hard to know how to start a summary of this game.  Being a one-eyed Don you always hope that you come away from a game with a win, and usually the bigger the win the better. But I don’t know, this game was not  so much a win but a series of training [Read more]


I’m not sure who has the worse culture, Rising Reporter Dom Favata asks, the Melbourne Football Club or the Australian Cricket Team? He answers it by noting that Melbourne now have a lower percentage than Shane Watson’s batting average.

Demons that cannot be buried

Is there a tougher sell in Australian sport than the Melbourne Football Club?