Almanac Soccer: The Curious Case of Michael Theo(klitos)’s Norwich City Career

After a chance find in an Op Shop and consequently going internationally viral, Tom Greenaway is keen to track down former Victory and Roar (and Norwich City) goalkeeper, Michael Theo

Round 10 – Carlton v Adelaide: Judd’s Last Stand.

As Tom Greenway discusses he and his mates were at the MCG and witnessed a moment they will never forget.

There’s a Place in the World for an Angry Young Man….

Tom Greenaway used to be an angry young man at the footy – fist in the air, head in the sand, you know the type. So why has his player abuse dimmed over the years?

Land of the Long (Red) White (and Black) Cloud.

Tom Greenaway labels St Kilda as “Bizarro-Hawthorn”. The George Costanza of the AFL. With the 1971 Grand Final between Hawthorn and St Kilda as the sliding doors moment, Tom urges St Kilda to put the time into making the New Zealand experiment work.

Sit Down Next to Me

Sainter Tom Greenaway reviews the fall and rise and fall of his team. How do they stack up against the Blues, Magpies and Hawks now and for the future?

The Cricket World Cup is Fixed! ( See what I did there?)

“Think of it this way- New Zealand could be the holders of both the Rugby and Cricket World Cups simultaneously…” and other food-for-thought from Tom Greenaway on the formatting of the ICC’s showcase tournament (ping: denouement usage. – Ed)

The World Cup Antidote to Saints Despair

Tom Greenaway has left his Saints for a fling with soccer during the World Cup. He’ll return eventually, but is enjoying his philandering while comparing some soccer stars to AFL players.

The Big Dance

Tom Greenaway reminisces about the Grand Finals that have shaped his life. Unrequited love? Then again he is a Saints man.

AFL Finals Week 1 – Richmond v Carlton: Journey’s End.

There is always a defining moment in the match that all football faithful dread. The dark night-time of the soul for the true believers. That moment is the unwelcome arrival of reality.

Ghosts of Seasons Past

Just when you thought Kosi could become no more lovable than he already was, he comes across all honest and self-aware.


Players that require a club’s extra attention off the field are either ‘mercurial’ and worth mollycoddling; or not. Richmond have two prime examples of wayward talents in Dustin Martin and Aaron Edwards.

Being Relevant.

There are only two positions available to the eighteen AFL teams at this juncture of the season – Relevant or not.

AFL Round 20 – Richmond v Brisbane: Being There….At Last.

Saint Tom Greenaway attended the Tigers coronation as a proxy. For behold the miracle – Richmond shall contest finals football once again.

Lid Removed

Taking into account draft picks, salary caps and equalisation measures, missing finals since 2001 is an extraordinary effort from the Tigers. But now Tom Greenaway reckons the lid is off – in fact, it’s hit the ceiling. Does the new paradigm offer September promise?

AFL Round19 – Brisbane v St.Kilda: Missed by that much

Edward Platt, the Chief from Get Smart, would have made a perfect St. Kilda supporter. He knew all about the futility of placing high expectations on the perpetually incompetent, writes Tom Greenaway.

Big Ifs and Other Dreams

Sydney, Geelong and Hawthorn are the triumvirate that the premiership seems destined to come from. Ordinarily there is folly in accepting that hypothesis this far out from finals action…but this season feels bereft of challengers to the trinity.

AFL Round 17 – Richmond v Fremantle: The Importance of Being Dawson

Zac Dawson is a footballing enigma – ‘….Like a mule with a spinning wheel. Nobody knows how he got it and danged if he knows how to use it!’ Point being, there is no way of accurately defining why Dawson is effective, its easier to just admit that he somehow is.

Feeling Greatness

The number one draft pick is the perfect storm. Within the simple act of being selected before all others in your draft class, you as a talented young footballer, are immediately singled out for greatness.

All About the Mo Baby!

Richmond have flattered to deceive so often in the past thirty seasons that there is now a distinct pattern to the disappointment. But Tom Greenaway suggests momentum is less about winning streaks and more about bouncing back immediately from adversity. And the Tigers have that chance before them.

AFL Round 14 – Richmond v St.Kilda: Season’s turn

“Ahh the ‘G. It’s good to see thee!” That statement is difficult to make without becoming a victim to its connotations. Immediately there’s a suspicion that I’m about to leap into an old-timers lament about suburban footy venues and two o’clock Saturday starts.