AFL Round 10: Dear AFL, this is where we should be heading

I actually hope to see Boomer Harvey pass Michael Tuck’s record of 417 games. For the record, Gary Ablett Jnr could achieve likewise. Both certainly are durable enough and have missed few games due to injury, especially soft tissues that seem to affect many as they get older. It is a credit to the game of AFL that a little fella  like Boomer who would probably have struggled to get recruited in this day and age of athletic footballers over 6 foot could reach such a prolific milestone.

The game really is one for body shapes of all types. What else do you think of the game…now it’s the fans turn to get onto and have your say towards the future of the game. If you think you have something to add, I reckon this allows for you to have input so that the changes aren’t monopolised by the AFL and the Rules of the Game Committee. Some things we need to preserve. Spell it out to them.

For what it’s worth, the game is in pretty good health and I daresay I won’t see a 19th or 20th team on the horizon but I may be wrong.

You want to take advantage of your opportunity, then now is the time to do so.

Porky Shaw returned to strengthen the Collingwood side that flew to Brisbane to take on a depleted Lions team. Having lost Brown and Merrett to suspension and with a host of injuries, the Lions were never a match for a similarly injury-plagued Magpies outfit. The Pies from go to whoa, intent on atoning for last week, a win by 8 goals.

Juddy was rested for the Carlton clash against GWS at Etihad, a sure sign of confidence that the Blues would win. Also it was a sign that Juddy was catching up with age or vice versa. In came the much-hyped Troy Menzel who kicked 2 goals. A good start by Carlton continued thru 4 quarters, as the Giants got poleaxed by 94pts.

A sure sign that the flaky Freo has been consigned to history as the Dockers staged a gritty last quarter comeback in the slush at AAMI stadium. Dangerfield’s incredible core strength might have put the Crows in front but Freo got 2 quick goals back to seal it, after yet another contentious goal review. Freo home by 7 pts, a solid victory.

Adam Goodes put a week of negative media to one side to lead the Swans to a strong win over top 4 aspirants, the Bombers. 4.1 from the champ, coupled with an impressive effort by the Swans midfield helped propel a 44pt win. To think that Kurt Tippett is waiting in the wings is actually quite scary. The Bloods look quite ominous.

It was harder to tell what was more incandescent on Saturday night at Geelong…the shine off Gary Ablett’s noggin, the lights at Skilled Stadium, the gloss on Nathan Vardy’s return, the promise of the Suns’ effort or the glow that came from Julia Gillard’s pork-barrelling. Geelong won by 52pts, eclipsing the Suns in the last qtr.

Ken Hinkley blasted his Port charges for coughing up a win against the Bulldogs in the Top End at Marrara. At a guess, Port has played there more than any other team and should be familiar with the conditions. Credit where it’s due though, the Dogs strung 2 wins together off the back of Gia’s super sub effort with 2 goals and 21 stats.

OK we all know Melbourne is struggling and the media talk of sacking the coach. Does that achieve anything? He has to sell hope for the future admittedly. Maybe the fact that the Hawks were outscored in the 3rd qtr by the Demons 27:16 is a starting point. I don’t think many though would be surprised by the Hawks winning by 94pts.

North sought to exorcise a few mental demons against the Saints, after enduring a self-inflicted nightmare the week before. The Roos started well, leading by 55pts at the 1st change. The Saints started as spectators but got more competitive. Boomer’s 350th, Wells 200th and sadly for Joeys 200th the Roos bounded away to win by 68pts.

The Tigers headed west to take the Eagles’ spot in the 8. That was the plan. It didn’t start that way as the Eagles led by a goal at the 1st change. The Tigers were in need of a big scalp, so their critics said. After qtr time, the critics were silenced. 14.4 to 5.11 the Tigers’ way and the Subi crowd was silenced. Tigers catapult into the 8 by 41pts.



  1. The Wrap says

    I haven’t bothered to look it up Fearless – which is a sign of a busy desk rather than laziness – but Tucky would have played a season of finals, something the Little Master forfeited when he went to Metricon World, and Boomer’s Mob are finding it difficult to do.

    And are you saying the Appalling Football League is running an on-line focus group for ideas? I’ll have a Bow Peep when I get a break in the traffic. Do you reckon they’ll bring the price of the pies down to high street bakery level and the beer down to saloon bar prices? I’m game to try. Are you sure they’re not just trying to weed out dissenters? I’d hate to be shipped of to the GWS Gulag.

  2. Neil Belford says

    Actually if you want to bring the AFL into a useful, sustainable balance the solution is easy. You put a line through Melbourne altogether and merge North and the Dogs. All problems solved.

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