Almanac Book Review – How the West was One: Memoirs of Melbourne’s Western Suburbs

Kerrie Soraghan, whose father grew up in “the Paris End” of Footscray, sees “How the West was One” as a celebration of many families’ stories, including her own.

Endings. Beginnings

Kerrie Soraghan’s wistful tribute to recent Bulldog retirees and those taking over the mantle (She should’ve stopped an said g’day to Bob – Ed.)

Round 3 – Fremantle v Western Bulldogs: On winning. And losing

Kerrie Soraghan has felt her first AFL worse in many months and the premiership win for her Doggies has only made the pain of losing even harder.

Book launch: The Mighty West, March 29 in Footscray

Kerrie Soraghan will be launching her new book ‘The Mighty West’ later this month. It is sure be a ripper of a read and a fun launch. Our own John Harms will be there to help launch the book.

Grand Final 2016: The Force Was With Us. And We Were The Force

Kerrie Soraghan (nee The Bulldog Tragician) recounts the now famous week of “our beloved but luckless club with the most patient of fans”.

Finals Week 3 – GWS v Western Bulldogs: Why not us?

Ripping yarn from Kerrie who suggests she is a “Daydream Believer” but as her story shows, she is absolutely a true believer.

Finals Week 1 – West Coast v Western Bulldogs: “This story is our story”

In this fantastic piece, Kerrie Soraghan reflects on one of the great Bulldogs wins of the last half a century. Superb observations. Brilliant insight. Heartfelt. Whatever your allegiance this piece will lift your spirits.

Footy. The game of heartache.

Kerrie, AKA “the Bulldog Tragician”, ruminates on the Dogs’ recent bad fortune.

Round 3 – Western Bulldogs v Hawthorn: Moments

Kerrie Soraghan sees the Bulldogs plight akin to a Thomas Hardy character

Finals Week 1 – Western Bulldogs v Adelaide: Don’t Dream It’s Over

Kerrie Soraghan reaches into her reserves of “defensive pessimism” as she reflects on the ending to the Bulldogs’ 2015 campaign. Resilience and hope.

Round 5 – Sydney v Western Bulldogs: One more song

The Libba Sisters get together on the couch to watch the Bulldogs cause the upset of the season so far. Like songwriter Paul Kelly, they too hope there’s one more song on the journey

The Match Day Experience

As the Bulldogs get set to launch their 2015 campaign with Luke Beveridge at the helm, Kerrie Soraghan paints a picture the match day experience of the sons and daughters of the ‘Scray

Bulldogs fans can only dream of ‘tomozz’

It’s the night before the 2017 Grand Final and The Bulldog Tragician is too excited and nervous to sleep. Buoyed by the 2014 VFL Premiership, Kerrie Soraghan imagines a red, white and blue AFL Grand Final Day three years hence.

AFL Round 15 – Western Bulldogs v Melbourne: All about The Bont

Kerrie Soraghan is not one to get carried away by a certain goal by Marcus Bontempelli. No, not one to get carreed away at all.

AFL Round 13 – Collingwood v Western Bulldogs: We came, we saw, we believed

The Bulldog Tragician ponders fate, tentative happiness, the company and comfort of strangers – and sweet, sweet victory over the Pies.

Introducing…the Catastrophe Performance Index

Kerrie Soraghan is advocating the introduction of a ‘Catastrophe Performance Index’ – or CPI. This would replace our current batch of misleading stats and help shed shed light on her beloved Bulldogs’ recent performance against Freo. (Great insights into those troubling moments when supporters begin to turn on their own – Ed)

Places in my past

After a great day spent with her Doggies, Kerrie Soraghan reflects on a club that means so much to so many. [A must read -Ed]

Was the Dogs’ 97 PF loss the ‘butterfly effect’ in the 09 failure?

Look away now if you are a Bulldogs supporter. Kerrie Soraghan revisits the 97 and 09 preliminary finals at length. To be fair, this is an attempt at exorcism more than self flagellation.

Post Seasonal Affective Disorder

Kerrie Soraghan is a candidate for the Nobel Prize for Medicine with this ground breaking research. The consistent use of Bulldogs case studies suggests that this affliction runs deep in Kerrie’s family.

AFL Round 19 – Western Bulldogs v Sydney: Pendulum has swung for resilient Bulldogs

The footy pendulum can swing around rapidly and unpredictably, says Bulldogs fan Kerrie Soraghan, and all the evidence was there on Sunday that the turnaround has begun.