A Downunder Aussie in King Miguel’s Court.

It’s Daniel Geale v Miguel Cotto in New York and Gregor Lewis previews the fight on Sunday Afternoon (Australian time.)

Round 8 – Hawthorn v Sydney: About my Hawks

Barometric pressure is an intrinsic part of life. It takes one atmosphere to sustain it, but there are so many aspects to life itself, whose chambers represent countless more atmospheres of pressure, those who choose to enter them must endure. Some more authentically than others. So at 4-4 after 8 weeks of their second successive [Read more]

Mayweather v Pacquiao – May 2, 2015: Right here! Right now!

The fight the world has been waiting for is scheduled for May 2. Gregor Lewis puts into a sporting context (by referring to the Seattle Seahawks) and a boxing context.

Paging Dr. Zachary Smith – ‘Oh the Pain. The Pain!’

Gregor Lewis ventures into some dangerous territory on Novak Djokovic’s form for requesting an injury time-out at crucial stages in big matches. Like Stephen Colbert, we think it, but Gregor says it.

Boxing: A FTA Network Televised Comeback?

Boxing is returning to free-to-air television in the United States. Is promoter/manager Al Haymon Boxing’s Dark Lord, or someone to be thanked? Gregor Lewis gives us the lowdown.

24 : “The Following Takes Place…”

The Almanac’s own Jack Bauer of sport – Gregor Lewis – recalls a hectic 24 hours of some truly enthralling contests from all corners of the globe. Now, that’s one heck of day!

A Cricketing Life.

Gregor Lewis on the passing of Phil Hughes

A Fan’s Delusion Takes Up Residence With A Real-Life Dilemma

Gregor Lewis relives his Hawks nail-biting Preliminary Final win over Port Adelaide. What will it mean for the Grand Final? It’s all a question of identity – for his Hawks and for his mum.

Revenge: The Rematches

Gregor Lewis riffs on REVENGE and how it will motivate the remaining teams in the AFL Finals, just as it will today’s Mayweather – Maidana boxing rematch.


‘Who are you?’ Gregor Lewis asks of the teams in the finals. And if they don’t know the answer, they’re playing catch-up footy too late.

Equalisation? Let’s try a bit of Logical Rationality on for size instead eh?

Gregor Lewis has some firmly stated views on equalisation.

Seven of Nine (Minus Two? Plus One!)

Gregor Lewis casts his eye across the tv and game time scheduling of AFL Round 23 games, and finds it lacking.

Even ‘A Little Death’ is too much for some brains to handle

There are numerous reasons why Sam Soliman should not fight Jermain Taylor. In explaining why, Gregor Lewis also tells us that the boxing world remains a tangled web of ‘colourful’ characters.

AFL Round 22 – Hawthorn v Geelong: When Big Bang Theory Met Intelligent Design … All while they were livin’ in the 70’s.

One-eyed Gregor Lewis sees cause and effect in the latest Hawks v Cats home & away fixture. Bigger things await. But can the Hawks remember who they are? Can these Cats make them forget?

The Mirror Has Two Faces … But the coin the wilfully blind are flipping tells a different tale.

James Hird v the AFL. Selfishness by Hird? Thuggish application of standover tactics by the AFL? Gregor Lewis gives his view of the court proceedings currently taking place.

Is It Magpie Nesting Season? Close. But …

Gregor Lewis traces the rise and fall of the Magpie empire to a cataclysmic defeat by his Hawks in 2012. The empire fractured into supporters and snipers of Emperor Nathanus.

Golovkin v Geale: Time Itself Stood Still

Gregor Lewis doesn’t buy into talk of boxer Daniel Geale being ‘exposed’ in his loss to Gennady Golovkin. Rather, he saw a true heart and an unwavering resolve.

Standing in destiny’s way – ‘Time Itself’.

Australian middleweight Daniel Geale will duck between the ropes at Madison Square Garden this weekend to swap punches with the toughest opponent of his career, the man known as GGG. Gregor Lewis ponders Geale’s chances, while also touching on the fabled boxing history of the famous New York venue.

Stayin’ Alive

Gregor Lewis enjoyed his Hawks win over a battling Adelaide Crows last night, and muses on what Clarko’s Cavalry need to do to go back-to-back.

I Know What You Did in Brazil that Summer. And I don’t care How You Did It!

Gregor Lewis tells the sorry tale of fear and loathing about a World Cup semi-final that not even an (Argentinian) mother could love.