FEARLESS 2021: Rounds 5 and 6 double-header

FEARLESS is running a little late with his update on Rounds 5 and 6 but it’s worth the wait. Tell it like it is, PT!

FEARLESS 2020: North Melbourne – all is not what it seems

After a tough season for Shinboners, Fearless reviews North Melbourne’s year and looks ahead to the imminent rebuild under new coach David Noble.

FEARLESS 2020 Round 18: Bell rings, the finish line approaches

Fearless is back to review the final round of the 2020 home and away season with his usual flair.

FEARLESS 2020 Round 10: The AFL’s Rodeo Road Trip equivalent is well underway

Fearless is back to dissect the Round 10 action and provide his entertaining view on the festival of footy.

FEARLESS 2019 Round 6 – Lest we forget…

Another Fearless review of the round that was, with ANZAC Day proving a poignant point in the fixture as always.

FEARLESS 2019 Round 5 – Festival of footy Part Two

This week it’s Round 5 in the firing line as Fearless tackles part of the near-three-week veritable feast that is the “festival of footy”.

FEARLESS 2019 Round 3 – 666…so far so good; It’s definitely opened up the game.

Another round of high-octane footy made for a tipster’s nightmares and trademark Fearless analysis.

Fearless 2018 – Finals Week 3: Two from four in a canter

Here’s the Fearless view on week 3 of the AFL finals.

Fearless 2018: Finals Week 1 – We are well rested, now off and running

Fearless reviews week one of the 2018 finals series.

Fearless 2018 Round 17 – Nic Nat Noo knee – can an injury derail a season?

Fearless takes on Round 17.

Fearless 2018 Round 9: Markle, sparkle, Narkle, debacle – so much for poetry!

Fearless reviews Round 9 of the 2018 AFL Season.

Round 8 – Fearless: Happy Mother’s Day for the largely unsung members of the AFL community

Fearless wraps Round 8 with musings on Joel Wilkinson, Mark Neeld and what is going on in the Essendon coaches’ box.

Fearless 2016 Round 23 – And then there were eight

In case you missed it – Fearless summarises what really happened in Round 23.

Round 22 Review: Fearless – Injuries just might determine September outcomes, even with a bye…

Round 22 receives the typical Fearless review, no holding back or pulling punches, sorry Rory.

Round 21 Review: Ahh The Olympics…. like an old friend you haven’t seen in ages…by Fearless

Fighting sickness and random thoughts, Fearless has the final word on Round 21.

Round 20 Review: Fearless – Welcome to Rio!

Fearless with a late look back at Round 20.

Round 18 Review: Transparency in the trade market? Bradley Hill goes home perhaps.

In Fearless’s analysis of Round 18, both Cousin Itt and Idina Menzel make appearances.

Round 17 Review: Fearless on the Kangas and other footy matters

Fearless recounts a round that had the Roos ruing and the Demons overcome by Saints.

Round 16 Review: As we enter the home straight, it’s neck and neck x8 or 9 or 10…by Fearless

Fearless reviews the folly and antics of Round 16 and snakes and ladders of the top 8.

Round 14 Review: Pavlich the great… but Iceland might steal the show by Fearless

Fearless acknowledges the efforts of Pavlich and is inspired by Iceland – 2 Brexits in one week.