Stalking David Parkin Part 2

Ian Wilson continues the tale of his interactions with legendary AFL player and coach David Parkin.

Stalking David Parkin Part 1

AFL Hall of Fame member David Parkin celebrated his 80th birthday earlier this week. In this classic semi-insiders yarn, Ian Wilson recalls his handful of interactions with ‘Parko’ over the years.

Almanac Footy: The Loneliness of the Sacked Coaches Club

The end of David Noble’s coaching tenure brought back painful memories for Ian Wilson. He tells the story of his ill-fated coaching stint in Hobart.

Hawthorn and women’s footy – Back to the future…again

With the announcement of Hawthorn’s women’s side, Anne Cahill Lambert finally has a side she can really get behind in the AFLW. Her thoughts have turned to the great coaches of the brown and gold and their dedication despite ‘day jobs’ vying for their time…and of course what lies ahead.

Grand Final 2011 – Geelong v Collingwood: In search of Jenny Hawkins’ pasta

Fox Footy showed the 2011 Geelong-Collingwood Grand Final yesterday. John Harms thought it deserved a match report.

Plenty of practice and empty heads – Part 4: The coach as a secure base.

“The game teaches the game,” says David Stiff in Part 4 of his series on thinking about sport. The coach provides a secure base. The Tigers are free to play – that is, to play playfully. The fascinating thing about Friday’s match is that the Pies enjoy the same freedom. So what happens?

A 200-Game Richmond Coach: Yes, Really!

In a big week at Tigerland, Stainless has penned an ode to the coach responsible for so much of the current Richmond story, Dimma (or Mr. Hardwick) ahead of game 200.

Almanac Short Story: Moral Dilemma

Barry Mitchell tells a story of that final meeting of coach and player.

The Best Coaches Are…

Wesley Hull reflects on coaching and coaches, describing the way he has crossed paths with some of the greats (Cerutty, Hafey, Sheedy) while explaining that as a coach he has never stopped searching and learning. [Super piece – Ed]

The GB Swans – An eventful semi-final week 

Despite their semi-final loss to Ireland, the GB Swans have been having a ball in and around Melbourne, including trips to Katie Brennan’s gym, an evening with the Suburban Footballer and a visit to Princes Park.

Almanac Local Footy – AFL Capricornia: I love this coaching caper!

Mick Jeffrey is now a footy coach; coaching reserve grade Aussie Rules in Far North Queensland at Brothers AFC in the AFL Capricornia. How is he going?

Footy coaching of a different kind – Vale John Clarke

A classic piece of football related comedy from the late John Clarke.

The reluctant coach

As fill-in coach for his children’s junior soccer team, Jeff Dowsing is learning about emotion and decision-making – “Ange Postecoglou has nothing to fear.”

The Ingredient to Successful Coaching

Want to be a successful coach? Jackson Clark provides an in-depth analysis into the art of successful coaching.

Training for six- Chapter 3: Training for three

There has to be a reason for every drill. Even if only three turn up on a foggy Tuesday night. Matt Zurbo’s excellent ‘Training for six’ series continues…

Training for six – Chapter 2: Training for two

Matt Zurbo shows that footy training can be varied and fun, even when there are only two of you. Everything you need to know to lock up the B&F next season.

Training for six – Chapter 1: Training for one

Matt Zurbo’s “Training for six” series kicks off with a beauty: footy training for one. [If it is to be it is up to me – Ed].

Training for six: Introduction

Matt Zurbo is sick of coaching manuals for full lists of players. What about those cold, foggy Tuesdays when only six turn up? Those six deserve some thought.

The Art of Coaching

What makes a good coach? David Parker tackles this with a touch of Sun Tzu.

57 Mt Pleasant Street (part 5): World Cup Australian Football (The Now)

The AFL finals are our World Cup. This year we have Adelaide exuberance, West Coast alacrity, Fremantle relentlessness, North Melbourne randomness, Hawthorn force and Sydney graft. We have particular styles of play played by each team. We have stereotyped characteristics of each team and club, all playing the same game, governed by exactly the same rules. And E. Regnans says footy is now, not next year, but right now.