AFL Winners and Losers: Rounds 13 through 15

Facing Sydney, Collingwood and Essendon in three successive weeks and coming away with two wins means Port Adelaide are, by far, the biggest winners of this three round period.

AFL Round 13 – Brisbane v Geelong: Thank goodness for the Ararat trots

The Boundary Rider was on the Gold Coast on Sunday night…he thinks.

AFL Round 13 – Port Adelaide v Sydney: Our best win since 2007

Port’s win against Sydney was its best since it was flying in 2007, writes Dan Hansen. Kane Cornes concurs.

The View from Shepparton

Peter Schumacher lays out the highs and lows of the weekend. Ash McGrath’s calm kick after the siren and Kurtley Beale’s last minute shocker are at the top of the agenda.

AFL Round 13 – Brisbane v Geelong: Unchosen. How the footy gods tired of a bunch of half forward flankers

Sparkling footy from the Lions lifted the hearts of almost everyone as the Cats were left to contemplate the role of decadence in the crumbling of empires. What a memorable game of footy! The day the footy gods abandoned Geelong?

AFL Round 13 – Brisbane v Geelong: Turning point

The footy ricocheting off the umpire and resulting in a goal seemed like a turning point in the game to Tim Alexander. Improbably and unrealistic, but a turning point none the less. Good call that.

AFL Round 13 – St.Kilda v Melbourne: Two days to remember in a week the Saints won’t forget

On a hard day for the Saints, Yvette Wroby is granted a memorable day within the club as it recognises its long-term supporters. Later that week she is watching as the Saints take on the Demons and everyone becomes a little bit Milne.

AFL Round 13 – Brisbane v Geelong: Pleasure and pain

The Collapso Cats now have three entries in the Top 10 of the greatest leads conceded in VFL/AFL history. Cats fan Scott Frame was at the Gabba to watch history made.

AFL Round 13 – St.Kilda v Melbourne: On-field action can’t match off-field drama

Kelsey Smith reports the St. Kilda and Melbourne was uneventful as far as footy goes but that’s what both teams needed after a tumultuous week.

AFL Round 13 – Brisbane v Geelong: A childhood dream fulfilled

Childhood memories came flooding back for Andrew Weiss as Ash McGrath kicked the winning goal after the siren. He suspects he’s not alone.

AFL Round 13 – Port Adelaide v Sydney: Natural order restored

Keiran Croker is used to seeing the Swans as the underdog and finds pre-game talk they are now the team to beat disconcerting.

AFL Round 13 – Brisbane Lions v Geelong: The Lions Sleep Tonight!

Glenda Ellis was thinking of leaving the Gabba at half time but made the decision to soak up the sun. Good call that.

AFL Round 13 – Review: Priority pick? Tanks, but no tanks

Melbourne doesn’t need a priority pick, they need to look at Port Adelaide and how it turned things around in 4 months.

AFL Round 13 – Western Bulldogs v Richmond: The lid’s off, baby!

Inspired by a musical backdrop of the Smiths, Led Zeppelin, and Hendrix, Tigers fan Callum O’Connor reaches new heights in footy reporting. (Warning: Contains a lovely sledge for Tom Waterhouse.)

AFL Round 13 – Brisbane Lions v Geelong: A Lion ate the Cat (Don’t you worry about that)

Archie Butterfly felt so inspired by Brisbane’s win (or should I say, Geelong’s narrow loss) that he penned this ode to J.Harms. (Someone please pass this onto other Geelong fans when they surface this time next week.)

AFL Round 13 – Hawthorn v West Coast: Another case for secession

Matt Quartermaine meets old mates across from WA at Ethical (damn predictive text) Stadium. If only the Eagles bought their ducking game they may have stolen the points.

AFL Round 13 – Western Bulldogs v Richmond: Father-Son? It is the family

Andrew Fithall provides an insight into the community-minded Hunter family, who proudly watched young Lachlan make his debut for the Bulldogs on Saturday (along with a large contingent from Williamstown it seems).

AFL Round 13 – Port Adelaide v Sydney: Fall from grace

Tom Bally’s TV almost finished in a watery grave following Sydney’s dumb game against Port. One more game like this and it could be in real trouble.

Tiger Army finals bound?

The Tiger Army is roaring and for good reason, writes Jackson Clark.

AFL Round 13 – Western Bulldogs v Richmond: No jinxes for the Tigers

Don’t tip us, don’t talk finals, just let us be, says Tigers fan Paddy Grindlay.