Round 12 – Essendon v Richmond: The Dons and the Dogs (no not Footscray!)

Rod Oaten reports on the Dreamtime clash between Essendon and Richmond with the Tigers bringing the Bombers back to earth with a thump.

Round 11 – West Coast v Essendon: The Dons Bring Joy

Like many Bomber fans, Rod Oaten was full of joy with Essendon’s great win against the Eagles.

Almanac Soccer: That’s it for Barnsley!

Barnsley FC lost the play offs for promotion to the Premier League in 2022 reports Rod Oaten. Rod mentions he also committed the cardinal sin of leaving a footy match before it ended and missed seeing his team snatch a win!

The Sporting Weekend: A Mixed Package of Results

The Tykes lost, but the Bombers won. And so did the Burgers. Then there were the local footy results. Rod Oaten’s sporting weekend offered the proverbial mixed bag.

Almanac Soccer: Barnsley FC update

Rod Oaten presents an update report of the fortunes of the Barnsley FC in the Championship League.

Round 6 – Collingwood v Essendon: The Dons are back (well at least on Anzac Day)

Winning at the ‘G is a big improvement on drowning at the ‘Gabba, reckons Bomber Rod Oaten.

Round 5 – Brisbane v Essendon: A wet and dismal night in Brisbane for the Dons

Rod Oaten was shocked to turn on his TV and see a waterlogged Gabba awaiting his Dons. It didn’t get much better, as he was left dispirited by Essendon’s performance against the firing Lions.

Almanac Soccer: Barnsley FC update (and some Bombers as well!)

Rod Oaten updates the latest results from the games played by Barnsley FC over Easter.

Almanac Soccer: Sheffield Bloody Wednesday! – Barnsley FC update

Rod Oaten updates the fortunes of the Barnsley FC as they endeavour for promotion to the EPL.

Almanac Soccer: Barnsley Football Club – the dream continues…

Rod Oaten continues to be pleased with the progress Barnsley Football Club is making with a drawn and a win in their past two matches.

Almanac Soccer: Barnsley Football Club dare to dream

At the risk of breaking the spell, Rod Oaten feels obliged to update you on the rather stunning recent success of Barnsley FC in the Championship.

Round 13 – Essendon v Richmond: Dreamtime at Darwin’s `G

Rod Oaten was hoping the Bombers’ Dreamtime luck might change with the game played at a different venue. It was not to be, but Rod did enjoy the spectacle of the game, especially the Welcome Ceremony.

Round 10 – Essendon v GWS: Disney or the footy?

Rod Oaten has a take on the latest Bombers game…or at least he would if he didn’t get distracted by a doco on SBS

Almanac Soccer: The Tykes Survive

Rod Oaten would just like to put it on the record that Barnsley FC have pulled off a great relegation escape in the EFL Championship.

Almanac Life: Black Lives Matter

Rod Oaten has great respect and admiration for Indigenous footballers over many years. He was unable to go into Melbourne’s CBD yesterday to support the Black Lives Matter rally, so he made a quiet statement of his own.

Old Autograph Books: Rod Oaten

Rod Oaten has enjoyed the autograph series on the Almanac site – and tells the tale of his old autograph book.

VFL Finals 2019 – Success for stand alone clubs

Rod Oaten asks the question of why there has been a lack of acknowledgement in the media for the success of the stand alone VFL clubs who had wins over their AFL aligned opponents in the first week of the VFL Finals. What do you think?

Round 16 – Essendon v Sydney: a pretty forgettable game at the “G”

Tragic Don Rod Oaten was not overly impressed by the standard of the Essendon v Sydney Round 16 clash at the MCG but his Bombers managed to get up, and that’s what counts!

Round 10 – Richmond v Essendon: Dreamtime Game at the MCG

Rod Oaten is disappointed at the standard of the Round 10 Dreamtime Game between the Tigers and the Bombers, and he is certainly pleased he didn’t believe all the Essendon pre-season hype.

Round 10 – Sir Doug Nicholls Round: Concerns for our First Nations People

Reflecting on the Sir Doug Nicholls Round, Rod Oaten wonders whether sufficient progress is being made with our First Nations people, their well-being, our understandings, and reconcialiation.