Crio’s Question? – Banner Banter

The Bulldogs have had a succession of wry and witty banners this season. What do they choose for next Saturday? Here’s my opening bid: “Up Yours Oakley!” Suggestions?

Crio’s Q? – The Olympics…tell ’em they’re dreaming

Crio reckons the Olympics have run their race. If it must continue, radical change is required. He’s sourced a solution worth discussion.

Crio’s Q? – should neutral also mean no personality?

Crio poses the question, should officials display their personality on field?

Crio’s Q? – habits of 2016

“I’d like to be more active and get to watch my team(s) more regularly”.
Very noble.
Crio reckons reality and circumstances ensure he’ll do less, get to less and watch more on TV. Others concur?

Crio’s Q?…imprinted memories of 2015

Try getting older. We all tick over to another year this week. As we do so another bank of memories is tagged as 2015. Most get blurry as the years advance, but some are franked. 2015 noms pls.

Crio’s Q? – the pain of a false dawn

Sometimes a fast start can cause fans to readjust their expectations. Sometimes that’s not a wise thing to do. ask Real’s opponents last weekend!

Crio’s Q? – when the untouchable gets brushed

“The Special One” is in uncharted waters as Chelsea sink towards the relegation zone. Who’d’ve thought? Some seem to be forever blessed, but sport teaches us to savour the good times and retain humility for what might lie ahead. Who else has seemed “on top of the world” only to face the cliff’s edge?

Crio’s Q? – mentor

It’s Awards Season and Crio adds another to the list – the award for the best mentor. He’s nominating Col Swatton. Others?

Crio’s Q? – Nugget on the Boots?

When the once commonplace makes you sit up on the sofa you know that times have changed. Couch potato Crio recalled Johnny Miller’s golden locks and the starched creams of the cricketers when some “back to the future” youngsters popped up on the TV.

Crio’s Q? – does 2 hrs later equal twice the entertainment?

As Test Cricket sets up for the groundbreaking Test, “retro” Crio misses the wave, wondering if they’ve got the wrong product for the night time package.

Crio’s Q? – When Play Never Stops!

Don’t you love it when the marketing tags manage to unintentionally highlight a flaw in the product? Cricket’s a soft target.

Crio’s Q? – fair go!

“The track was terrible.” “The pitch was diabolical.” It’s OK to have your views – as many have in recent weeks – but what should curators present for athletes? It’s an old chestnut.

Crio’s Question?….first memories

What else could it be this week but The Cup? Remember your first?

Crio’s Q? – pin the tail on the donkey

Whether it is seen as a challenge or a chore, most of us face the prospect of having a tip (or several) on the horses in the next week. Methodologies and many and varied – even sometimes successful. How do you go about the task of finding a Spring winner?

Crio’sQ?- from The Filipino Fireball to The Fireman… racing monikers

Sport and nicknames go together like, say, The Professor and The Cups King.
The Carnival has the backpages now and Crio’sQ? asks for some memorable racing bynames.

Crio’s Q? – nearly newsworthy; comfortably cringeworthy

After the reporting of Jarryd Hayne’s ‘almost-touchdown’ Crio asks: what’s an appropriate level of coverage that informs without the cringe?

Crio’s Q?- great sporting finishes this year (and beyond)

The NRLGF or the USPGA?…great sporting finishes this year (and beyond). These two stand out as events I watched seemingly dispassionately until finding myself leaping off the couch, screaming at the TV. Any other noms?

Crio’s Q? – Friday’s holiday

What’s the consensus about Melbourne’s Public Holiday this Friday? Some friends with shops are not opening due to penalty rates. Many lunches are shifting to Thursday night dinners. I suspect it will be a big night on Thursday in the pubs and clubs and that the good weather might rescue Friday’s parade and paraphernalia. But [Read more]

Crio’s Q? – when it gets personal

Maybe ego is a dirty word! Mourinho and Wenger have been at it again. Can anything match the off-field enmity of these foes?

Crio’s Q? Finals don’t matter if you’re not involved

An embittered Crio wonders why anyone – other than supporters of remaining teams and the always desperate punters – would give a “rat’s tossbag” once their side is out. Does anyone else struggle with this sentimental rubbish of picking a team for the finals?