Demolished Demons

I was apprehensive to write yet another post on Melbourne, and their despairing nature of football; however, I felt it was necessary after the 148-point loss that occurred on Saturday night due to the high-flying Bombers. The senior coach in Mark Neeld, having been at the club since prior to the beginning of the 2012 season, is in a position of defeat. Only being round 2 of the home-and-away season, and having already been beaten by an accumulation of 227 points, the future of the coach, alongside the likes of Neil Craig and Jade Rawlings in assisting positions, hangs in the balance.

I have listened to various opinions on this topic, from experts of the field to dedicated supporters, and all blame leads back to the coach. It has been suggested that Neeld arrived at the club, with a distinct plan for his players; one in which they cannot live up to. Whether he is a stubborn leader, not willing to compromise his own beliefs for the matter of his players, or he simply does not have a resolution to the destruction that is the Melbourne Football Club, is unknown.

What is apparent; however, is Neeld’s inability to adapt to the state of the current game. Visibly, when a team is 55 points down at half time, the game plan isn’t working. Surely common sense would prevail, and the coach would command, and move into the second half with a different approach. Although man-on-man footy doesn’t necessarily win a game, it sure does prevent a demolition. If Melbourne had gone out onto the biggest stage in professional football, and played contested ball instead of guarding space, then the story may have been a little less catastrophic.

Although this loss is damaging in itself, the real disappointment is Melbourne’s response to last week’s performance. Many supporters held hope that the players would come out and display the true Melbourne; a team with integrity and passion. Yet again, the devotees were let down. With slim chance of winning the game against Essendon, all the supporters wanted to see was a team of effort, a team of endeavor.

The question that rests now is: where do Melbourne go from here? If the actuality of Melbourne has been correctly displayed, then the players, as well as the club, have a long few years ahead, and only time will tell as to whether Mark Neeld will be a part of it.

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  1. There is an opening for you at Jolimont if you are available in a couple of weeks Caitlin. I made the same point as you about Neeld’s game plan on “Ironmike’s” thread. We could be a coaching unit together – repeat after me
    “we’re only taking it one game at a time”/”I’m sure it will take the boys a little while to adjust to the new game plan.”

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