AFL Round 13 – St.Kilda v Melbourne: On-field action can’t match off-field drama

Kelsey Smith reports the St. Kilda and Melbourne was uneventful as far as footy goes but that’s what both teams needed after a tumultuous week.

AFL Round 6 – Collingwood v St.Kilda: Expectation is a funny thing

St.Kilda made the Grand Final in 1997 when they were 1-4 after five rounds. Unfortunately, a lot has changed in 16 years, writes Kelsey Smith.

Saints of all seasons

The Saints have had a year very much like my most recent set of holidays. Weather wise that is. Instead of attending the Saints v. Geelong game on the Friday night, my boyfriend and I chose to watch the game on TV at university in Bathurst, and rather than spend the next two weeks in [Read more]

Should’ve, could’ve, didn’t … again

Round 17 was another round of “should’ve, could’ve but DIDN’T” for the St. Kilda Football Club. Schneider SHOULD’VE kicked that goal, Rooey SHOULD’VE taken that mark, Kosi COULD’VE run harder at the ball. But they DIDN’T.

Come on Sainters

So, the last time the Saints played, (against Adelaide a fortnight ago – it seems like a lifetime), I was one grumpy Saints supporter. I was ready to have an uncontrollable rant about the way the boys were playing, the rules of the game, and what I saw to be obvious changes that need to [Read more]

A Saint at heart

LENNY HAYES….250 games. What a superstar! It brings tears of pride to my eyes when I think about Lenny. I think it is impossible to truly describe the footballer that he is, the influence he has had over the game of AFL, the influence he has had on the mighty Sainters. He is a beauty, and it was [Read more]

First in, best dressed

It is hard sometimes following AFL when attending university in NSW. With their obvious passion for league and union, footy comes third at best with the majority of my student colleagues. I am almost half way through my third year in Bathurst, and in all the time that I have been here, I have never been [Read more]

Strength through loyalty

The Saints have a very ironic saying in their logo. “Fortius Quo Fidelius” Strength Through Loyalty And boy, are they lucky that we Saints fans are loyal to them, because they are certainly inconsistent. Sometimes I think it should read “We know we’re unpredictable, and don’t always win the games we should, but just stick around, [Read more]

Round 3 – Western Bulldogs v. St. Kilda

  by Kelsey Smith For two years now I have been trying to explain to my boyfriend (who is from NSW) just how good a player Nick Riewoldt is. And FINALLY on the weekend against the Doggies, Rooey backed up my kind words with action of his own and proved what a great player he really [Read more]