Almanac Teams: 22 more flavours of 31 (1980- )

With Rodney Boyd’s more obscure Number 31 names, perhaps unsurprisingly several Dees connections pop up – some good, some bad and some ugly.

Finals Week 3 – Adelaide v Geelong: Behind Me

Young Aidan Hammond missed out on tickets to the Crows v Cats. The pizza almost made up for it as he puts the disappointment of 2012 behind him.

Book Review: Breakfast with Bails

For a good footy yarn, Ben Footner encourages you to read Paddy Steinfort’s “Breakfast with Bails”

Impermanence: On Dean Bailey’s passing

Peter Baulderstone was shocked by the largely unexpected and sudden death of Dean Bailey. This is not so much an obituary (I knew only the general details of his career), as a reflection on what his purposeful life and sudden passing says for all of us.

Demons that cannot be buried

Is there a tougher sell in Australian sport than the Melbourne Football Club?

Struggling to find the light

I never thought the time would come. The time where I no longer prioritise my weekends around when the Demons are playing. But after eight soul-destroying rounds of football, that is the decision I’m now faced with. Football has always been about unconditional love. You support your team through the good times and the bad [Read more]

Roller coaster, Dees style

  by Simon Dobbie All right. As everyone’s favourite Melbourne supporter, I’m sure you’ve all been waiting with baited breath for my take on the Geelong game and Bailey sacking.  (deep breath) Where do I start then? OK, the game. I am still speechless about it to be honest. The thought of it just prompts an [Read more]

Football’s Messiah Complex Lives On

The modern football ‘industry’ tries very hard to portray itself as a serious business run on serious business lines. The jargon of the boardroom has long since infiltrated the change room. No club CEO would be caught dead without his full complement of KPI’s , spreadsheets and mission statements. Sports administration is taught alongside MBA’s [Read more]