Once a Tiger – an interview with Ron Branton

Vale Ron Branton.

We reprise Matt Zurbo’s interview with him from 2016. It captures the life of a 1950s footballer superbly. Sections of this interview appear in Matt’s book ‘Champions All’.

Almanac (Footy) Memoir: The days I met the wonderful John Coleman

Johno Nugent kept bumping into John Coleman during his early years. He remembers these wonderful moments.

Almanac Footy History: St Kilda’s Bob Wilkie – what do you have to do to get a guernsey?

As a boy, Allan Grant first crossed paths with St Kilda stalwart Bob Wilkie. They became close family friends. Here, Allan makes the case to have Bob Wilkie in the St Kilda Hall of Fame.

Hawthorn and women’s footy – Back to the future…again

With the announcement of Hawthorn’s women’s side, Anne Cahill Lambert finally has a side she can really get behind in the AFLW. Her thoughts have turned to the great coaches of the brown and gold and their dedication despite ‘day jobs’ vying for their time…and of course what lies ahead.

1966 and all that: Round 18 – St. Kilda v Hawthorn

It is Round 18 of the 1966 home and away season, and Peter Clark takes us back to what was an enthralling round of pre-finals football.

Podcast: 1989 Grand Final ‘pay the price’ speech

As a follow up to his book on the 1989 Grand Final, Tony Wilson has compiled a pod episode of players talking about the famous Allan Jeans speech. You can listen to it here.

1966 and all that: Prologue

Peter Clark begins a series on the season that was 1966. Here he sets puts the footy season into its historical and social contexts.

Round 8 – Fearless: Happy Mother’s Day for the largely unsung members of the AFL community

Fearless wraps Round 8 with musings on Joel Wilkinson, Mark Neeld and what is going on in the Essendon coaches’ box.

Almanac Teams: A team of coaches

Phil Dimitriadis is at it again – this time with a mighty team of masterminds and motivators. Don’t THINK about checking out this team, DO check it out!

Killa: the Alan Killigrew years at Norwood

“After all, what is a football club?  It is grass in the middle, posts at the ends, and bricks and mortar.  It’s the people that give it soul.  A football club is a living body”. Those reflective words penned by Alan Killigrew, say a lot about the man and his remarkable football journey that had a profound impact on so many people.

Almanac Oratory: Speakola and Tony Wilson

Tinsel Tony Wilson was a big hit at the Almanac lunch. He has a fantastic website which publishes speeches. Read more about it here and be moved by Tommy Hafey and Allan Jeans.

Round 5 – Western Bulldogs v Brisbane: How much is enough

A classic observation typifies this super piece from Damien O’Mahoney: “The game itself was like a You Am I gig from the early days. At the start I thought they might have turned up a bit too drunk to play. But the finish was mighty, everyone chipping in and working off each other to play like champions.”

50 Years On – The Final Round 1966

Saints scramble home in the last game of the season to cement their place the 1966 finals.

Era, era on the wall; 1977-1986

Jeff Dowsing continues with his fantastic look at bygone football eras. Many think the 70s and 80s where the greatest in footy. Actually they nearly killed but ultimately saved football. A must read for students of the game.

Ultimate Wool Team – Victoria: Brian ‘Moo’ Muir

Brian Muir was a wool classer, analyst and later a manager at Dalgety’s. He played at St Kilda, coached the Under 19s and has been a club stalwart for over half a century. He spoke to JTH yesterday. [A worthy nom for the Vic side – Ed]

Remembering Allan Jeans

Allan Jeans was a terrific character. He had some great lines not the least of which was that Gary Ayres was “a good driver in heavy traffic”. A natural leader, he influenced many lives, young and old, footballers and others. Tell us your Yabby story: