Balcony Banter: No reign on the parade

MCC Member Grant Fraser looks back over the recent fortunes of the Hawthorn Football Club for ‘Balcony Banter’.

Almanac Life – Paying Homage to the great DK Lillee

‘Smokie’ Dawson takes us on a tour of the statues of his adolescent heroes, DK Lillee and Malcolm Blight, and relates a close encounter with the great fast bowler.

Finals Week 1 – Geelong v Collingwood: Pies umbrella or Geelong wife?

The qualifying final was supposed to be a family affair. But Magpie Andrew Fithall mucked up his MCC booking (so he says) so he had to sit on his own rather than with the Geelong-supporting part of his crew..

Balcony Banter Round 21 – Richmond v Carlton: I wish I had a river

Despite the horrendous conditions, Joe De Petro braved the elements for his winning Tigers.

Rare Book Week – Rare Sports Books and Ephemera (Wednesday July 10th)

The MCC Library’s Rare Book Week is in full swing – coming up on Wednesday (July 10th) is a panel discussion all about books and other items collected by the panelists, who include Gideon Haigh and Rusty Jackson. [This is a public event – you do not need to be an MCC member to attend. You just need to book. Ed.]

Balcony Banter Round 4 – Brisbane v Essendon: Bomber Blitz

Rod Oaten was happy to see his Bombers put in a dynamic first half against the Lions, then dig in to resist a comeback before unleashing the Anthony McDonald-Yipungwuti show.

Balcony Banter Round 3 – Hawthorn v North Melbourne: Roos remain winless, MCG remains timeless

Almanacker Darren ‘Smokie” Dawson had no trouble finding his sweet spot to view this game. He just wishes he could say the same for his Roos. But a day at the MCG always has its compensations.

Finals Week 2 – Hawthorn v Melbourne: Lid?

‘If I had a dollar for every time one of my friends or colleagues told me that I should ‘keep a lid on it’ via text, email or in person, I’d be very rich.’ Is the lid well and truly off now for Dees fan Cat Jones as they prepare to take on West Coast this Saturday?

Round 19 – Richmond v Collingwood: Like a Tiger Defying the Laws of Gravity

‘These are games of wonder, they restore our youth, they will bring us back for more, again and again. When these two mighty tribes clash on the MCG, we do more than simply watch.’ Joe De Petro poetically sums up Saturday’s blockbuster.

Balcony Banter Round 18 – Collingwood v North Melbourne: Out of the Docklands and into the Bullring

“Unfortunately the enjoyment of meeting up with my son at the footy was tempered by Collingwood’s complete demolition of our team. North have exceeded my expectations this season, but on this day they are poor, and hopelessly outplayed by their opponents.”
Read Smokie’s latest match report on Saturday’s Collingwood v North Melbourne game on Balcony Banter.

Almanac Literary – Melbourne Rare Book Week at the MCC (Wednesday July 4)

Almanac favourite Gideon Haigh will be part of the MCC’s event for Rare Book Week this Wednesday

AFLM Round 13 – Geelong v Richmond: Like September in June

Joe De Petro likes what he sees from the Balcony of the MCC: the skills of Edwards and Lambert and a brilliant last quarter goal from the returning Daniel Rioli.

Round 5 – Melbourne v Richmond: A Wonderful Tradition Builds

Tiger fan Berni Murphy enjoys watching a new tradition unfold as ANZAC Eve becomes a staple in the AFL fixture, providing another opportunity to honour Australia’s servicemen and women.

Round 5 – Melbourne v Richmond: Anzac Eve and the sounds of silence

Mandy Johnson is pleasantly surprised and moved by the Anzac ceremony before the Melbourne-Richmond game. A tight match follows, then suddenly the Tiges are six goals up and continue to run away.

Round 1 – Hawthorn v Collingwood: That Round 1 Hope

Sean Mortell went to Saturday night’s match with a few questions. Most of them were answered by half-time.

Round 1 – Hawthorn v Collingwood: A Pom’s Perspective

Jack Banister’s old hockey mate from university days, Matt Rose, picked a very opportune time to visit Australia. He penned this reflection after attending his first AFL game at the weekend.

The Ashes – Fourth Test, Day 3: The Rivalry of the Century

Anna Pavlou gets her first look at Ashes cricket, from the MCC Members of all places. With a trip to the MCC Library included, she’s off to a great start! (Sounds like the perfect day to me, Anna – great stuff – ED)

Round 18 – Richmond v GWS: Hawks fan turns yellow and black (for a day)

Chris Vogt hadn’t been to a non-Hawthorn game in years, but taking an old school friend to the MCC for the Tigers v Giants game had him wearing yellow and black.

Round 18 – Melbourne v Port Adelaide: A Day out for the Dees – and Dad

Joseph Ryan had a beautiful day at the footy with his Dad and came to the conclusion to make the most of their time together. [A genuinely touching piece, a real reminder of what is important in life – MNQ]

Round 4 – Hawthorn v Geelong: Dam Busters

John Harms tells the happy Geelong yarn of the boys great win on Easter Monday.